Sea Sirens (A Trot & Cap’n Bill Adventure #1) by Amy Chu & Janet K. Lee


Other creators involved in the making of this graphic novel include: Lettering by Jimmy Gownley

This graphic novel was inspired by The Sea Fairies, L. Frank Baum’s “underwater Wizard of Oz.” It weaves Vietnamese mythology, fantastical ocean creatures, and a deep-sea setting.

To Trot, life has always been about riding the waves and taking care of her grandfather. When Trot’s grandfather reappears after disappearing, Trot’s mother loses her temper and grounds them both. Deciding that being grounded and having her surfing taken away is completely unfair, Trot and Cap’n Bill escape to go ride the waves. However, it only takes one giant wave for every thing to go wrong. Suddenly, Trot and Cap’n Bill get sucked down into a magical kingdom where an ancient sea-battle rages on. With the Sirens and the Snakes at war, how will they ever get back home now?

Sea Sirens follows our two main characters, Trot and Cap’n Bill. Both of them love surfing, but when they get caught up in the delight of surfing, things seem to start falling apart. Trot’s grandfather has dementia and when he suddenly goes missing, a chain of events throw our main characters in a whirlwind of trouble.

I really liked this graphic novel! I don’t want to say ‘loved’ because few patrons of any age will be familiar with Trot from Oz and so there can be no guaranteed readership based on this connection alone. However, the opening dedication clues readers in that Trot was originally a character created by L. Frank Baum in the Land of Oz. Without familiarity with this character, it was good to have a full introduction to her personality through the first few scenes. So most readers will pick this up because it’s a very simplistic or easy read or due to the fact that this graphic novel is so diverse.

This graphic novel drew my attention because it features a Vietnamese-American girl, an animal companion who likes surfing and has one-eye, a surfer-protagonist, a single mother family dynamic (my heart!) and magical elements. To top it off, the California beach setting and underwater adventures are perfect for a summer read. Not to mention, we also get dementia representation that we don’t often see talked about in books, let alone graphic novels.

Now into the good stuff! The biggest thing for me reading this book was the family dynamic. As a reader, I love books that have diverse family dynamics or strong family bonds. While this graphic novel does show two single mother household dynamics, this book is very grandfather-granddaughter relationship focused. And I loved this! Being someone who was very close to her great-grandfather, this book hit very close to home. It hit even more when we really see how the dementia takes hold of Trot’s grandfather. It’s definitely a little emotional, it will get readers thinking, and I think anyone who is close to a family member who has dementia will feel touched by this relationship in this book.

The plot for this graphic novel is very straight forward with very little suspense, twists or turns, and our protagonists get out of bad situations with very little, if not none, consequences. Even though these elements have been removed, this graphic novel does deliver on an adventure and some action. We do get some fighting scenes and even a secret rescue mission that nearly leads into war. I definitely would have preferred more complexity to the characters and the entire situation, but overall, I think younger readers will definitely get swept up in the story and the characters, themselves.

And can I take a moment to talk about the illustrations?! For myself, I loved the art style. I loved the color pallet and the use of color tones. However, I will openly admit that this is not going to be an art style for everyone. If you’re someone who likes really bright pops of color in their graphic novels, this graphic novel will be very underwhelming for you. Most of this book does take place underwater and there is a realistic side to the dark and bright parts, but it definitely could have used more elements to make it feel like the characters were underwater.

Aside from all of this, I think the two messages near the end are really great messages to pass on to younger readers. The first one is really obvious; Recycle, Reuse. However, the second message is something we could all learn from and it’s such a universal message; many of our differences can be resolved if we quit seeing everyone who is not like us as the enemy. I think both of these message will have a positive influence on our younger readers who pick this book up.

Overall, this was a diverse, fun, quick read. I definitely think this is going to be a graphic novel a lot of younger readers will enjoy. As someone who’s an avid reader of graphic novels and comics, if was very simplistic without a lot of action or suspense. The ending does leave things open enough for a second book so if you did enjoy this book then keep your eyes peeled.



The Reading Rush | 2019 TBR

Hello Chapterlings! It’s that time again where I set myself and add on a readathon to my already jam packed schedule! Once again, The Reading Rush is upon us all. Previously known as the Booktubeathon, The Reading Rush is a week-long readathon in July, where the whole community comes together and reads! There will be challenges, sprints, Bookstagram prompts, you name it, The Reading Rush probably has it! This is my very first year participating in this readathon! I know, I know – I said July was going to be my easy going month, a relaxing month, a time to recover type of month. Well… I lied, apparently, because this readathon has badges you can earn and my achievement hoarding self needs those badges! Gotta catch em’ all! But in all seriousness, I really wanted to put myself out there more and take part in something new, exciting, fresh! The readathon is taking place from July 22nd to July 28th!

This year, Ariel and Raeleen, our lovely hosts really upped their game and there’s now a shiny new website where you can join many other readers and chat with them before, during, and after the readathon! If you want, feel free to add me HERE! Reading is much more fun when we read together and with friends! Once again though, those badges… I freaking LOVE badges and earning achievements! It might just be the Slythrin in me, but the hype is real and I’m ready… with an over flowing TBR that has me going “how did this happen and how did I get here?!” Aside from me setting myself up for doom, make sure to check out this site these wonderful beings put together, add me as a friend if you’re participating and if you would like. And not without any further delay, let’s get into the TBR and the challenges!

🌻 1.) Read a book with purple on the cover

I know, I know… you’re probably looking at these three books and saying “Malli, why would you do this to yourself?” Well…I’m already reading Black Iris and I’m hoping that give me the motivation to finish it (audio books just aren’t my style of reading). So in case that back fires, I have a reread of Moonstruck Vol. One and Tiger’s Promise (a novella) planned for backups!

🌻 2.) Read a book in the same spot the entire time

A super cute, fun, quirky little graphic novel to fly through because I put more on this TBR than I anticipated doing. Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too may be a bit thick, but I devour graphic novels in an hour or less.

🌻 3.) Read a book you meant to read last year

Both, Boys Over Flowers Vol. 10 and Snowbound with the Boss were on my December 2018 TBR – those never happened and here we are! Both are short reads so I have no doubt in my mind that I won’t be able to fly through one, if not both.

🌻 4.) Read an author’s first book

If my research serves me right, Starfish is the first book Akemi Dawn Bowman has written. There is a chance I might be wrong, but I really hope I’m not because I’m dying to read this book! I love those emotional reads! This book could also work for the first challenge…if I didn’t already have three books for that part already.

🌻 5.) Read a book with a non-human main character

I’m pretty sure I’m stretching it with Hot and Badgered due to the fact that they’re honey badger shape-shifters. So, in case that’s stretching it a bit too much, I brought in Warriors: Tales from the Clans. I mean… Is anyone truly surprised that added a book by Erin Hunter on here?!

🌻 6.) Pick a book that has five or more words in the title

Two books that couldn’t be more different! Things We Lost in the Fire is a book filled with heart twisting, gut wrenching things, and I am here for it! On the opposite hand, P.S. I Still Love You is light, fluffy, and of course, romantic! I’m basically flipping a coin because I could choose between the two of these!

🌻 7.) Read and watch a book to movie adaptation

If you don’t know about Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda then where have you been! This is one of my favorite movies, ever! And yes, I have seen the movie before reading the book! Actually, I’ve seen it fifteen times already! Can’t stop, won’t stop! But I figured this is the best time to read the book especially since this is one of my favorite movies to keep re-watching!

Okay, friends! I think that about covers every challenge! I did forget to mention that there is a bonus challenge of read seven books. So you already know what my goals are! Earn those badges, Gotta Catch em’ All! Please let me know in the comments below if you’re participating and I would love to know your TBR! Until next time, I hope your reading game is on point, I love you! ❤️



Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali


Content/Trigger Warnings: Islamophobia, racist micro-aggression, cultural appropriation, chronic illness, talk of family death, grief, trauma, phantom pain, mention of rape and sexual violence, discussion of war and war victims.

This book was read for the Dragons & Tea Book Club hosted by the lovely Melanie @meltotheany and the insanely sweet Amy @acourtofcrownsandquills.

🌻 The Dates & Breakdown:
July 8th:
 (Pages 1 – 68) Zayneb Saturday March 9
Oddity: Unpredictable Creatures
July 9th: (Pages 69 – 134) Adam Tuesday March 12
Marvel: Strangers
July 10th: (Pages 135 – 207) Adam Sunday March 17
Marvel: Zayneb at the Perfect Place
July 11th: (Pages 208 – 276) Zayneb Tuesday Marc 19
Oddity… And Marvel: Plotters
July 12th: (Pages 277 – End) 🌻

marvel: something you find amazing. Even ordinary-amazing. Like potatoes—because they make French fries happen. Like the perfect fries Adam and his mom used to make together.

An oddity: whatever gives you pause. Like the fact that there are hateful people in the world. Like Zayneb’s teacher, who won’t stop reminding the class how “bad” Muslims are.

When she gets suspended for confronting her teacher, and he begins investigating her activist friends, Zayneb heads to her aunt’s house in Doha, Qatar, for an early start to spring break.
Fueled by the guilt of getting her friends in trouble, she resolves to try out a newer, “nicer” version of herself in a place where no one knows her.

Then her path crosses with Adam’s.

Since he got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in November, Adam’s stopped going to classes, intent, instead, on perfecting the making of things. Intent on keeping the memory of his mom alive for his little sister.
Adam’s also intent on keeping his diagnosis a secret from his grieving father.
Alone, Adam and Zayneb are playing roles for others, keeping their real thoughts locked away in their journals.

Until a marvel and an oddity occurs…
Marvel: Adam and Zayneb meeting.
Oddity: Adam and Zayneb meeting.

Synposis from GoodReads

Do you ever walk right into a book, knowing nothing about it, but then you end up falling deeply in love with it? That’s exactly what Love from A to Z will do to you! Friends, I never expected to fall in love with this book! A book that touches a little bit too close to home and still has the gears in my head turning, thinking even days later after finishing it.

In this book, we follow a two person, point of view. We have the point of view told through Zayneb and then we have the point of view told through Adam. However, this book is so much more than just two POVs. It’s also told in the format of Marvel and Oddity entries from their own journals. Something entirely unique and different that I have yet to truly see be done in YA literature…so far! I loved this element so much in this style. It was very easy to read and follow along in the journey between our two main characters. We also receive the element of texts and emails, but they definitely get overshadowed a bit with the journal element.

“Human rights. For everyone. Because that was the only way the world made sense. When the arc of care went far and wide, it journeyed and battled to exclude none.”

I think the most important thing that needs to be said about this book is how powerful and how emotional this book will be for so many readers. This is a book that has tears, has laughter and joy, but it’s also somewhere in between, something I can’t quite put my finger on. The only word to truly describe this book is masterpiece. It’s a masterful, unsparing exploration of the distorting weight of prejudice, discrimination, racism and Islamophobia, and so much more. I completely surprised that more readers aren’t talking about this book more from how insightful and important this book truly is.

While I can’t relate too much to Zayneb’s side of things, Adam’s story was an entirely different wave. Adam’s tale is bold and illuminating tale of a young man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The author handles Adam’s story with such respect and delicacy, gently spooling out his struggles and triumphs in the face of the disease. Reading about Adam slowly unraveling things about his diagnosis just hit me in waves. While I don’t have MS, I do have a loved one who is. Every bit of Adam talking about his mother or even about himself, it was earthquake after earthquake of emotions. I think anyone who has a loved one with MS or does have MS will be touched immensely with Adam’s journey and personal struggles.

And while I’m on the topics that touched me the most… The fact that this book normalizes stuffed plushies and blankets was a breath of fresh air. I have never read a book that has openly said these are okay things to have to bring comfort in dark times and during your personal struggles. This part part hit me like a ton of bricks! S.K. Ali has made waves with having Zayneb’s character normalize those. I can’t even begin to express what that even means, as someone who struggles with mental health. This was perfection.

“Maybe that’s what living is—recognizing the marvels and oddities around you.”

Overall, I think the best way anyone can experience this book is to go in completely blind. I think the more you know about a book, it can spoil things and I thoroughly believe this is one of those books. It’s such an emotional read and it will bring anyone reading to their needs or at least get them thinking about everything that takes place in this book. This is a book that deserves to have more readers talking about, more discussions need to happen about this book, and I definitely think more readers need to pick this book up. It’s brilliant, beautifully written and a very well developed novel. I can’t recommend this enough!


Book Hauls

Book Outlet Haul

It feels like a super hot minute since I bought anything from BookOutlet! Well…actually…this haul should have been posted back in June, but the package didn’t officially arrive until the beginning of July. And I did just recently order another book from BookOutlet… So here we are…again! At this point I’m surprised no one has said, “Malli…you have an addiction and this is your intervention meeting.” Is anyone really surprised by my actions anymore, I don’t think so. Anyway, I have a few new books that I recently got from BookOutlet that I want to share with all of you. I did do an unboxing back at the beginning of July on my Instagram, but now we’re in the middle of July and it’s time that I share with all of you the books that have fallen into my lap. So without any further delays or ramblings, here are the books I recently hauled from BookOutlet and other places where you can locate these books!

🌻 Smoke (Burned #2) by Ellen Hopkins: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Broken Things by Lauren Oliver: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Magonia (Magonia, #1) by Maria Dahvana Headley: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

🌻 Born to be Wilde (The Wilds of Lindow Castle #3) by Eloisa James: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 The Ancient Magus Bride: The Golden Yarn (Light Novel #1) by Kore Yamazaki: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

🌻 Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

Okay, Chapterlings! That was a lot! To be honest, I could have gotten so much more, but that would be a massive haul! However, I hope some of these titles captured your attention like they did mine! I’m very excited to read some of these titles and I’m currently planning them all out. But please let me know in the comments below some of the titles BookOutlet has made you purchase or tell me which of these titles you’re most interested in reading! Until next time, may your month be filled with wonderful reads, I love you! ❤️


Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday | Books by My Favorite Authors I Still Need to Read

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

Hello dearest friends! I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday! Since so many of you seem to love these, I’ve decided to make these a reoccurring thing on my blog! This time I’m talking about books by some of my favorite authors that I still need to read. Granted, I don’t have many favorite authors. It takes a lot to become a favorite of mine, but for the ones who do, I just want to consume all of their work! So without any further delay, let me show you a few books I’m dying to read by some of my favorite authors!

🌻 Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

🌻 Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

🌻 The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One by Amanda Lovelace

🌻 Under Currents by Nora Roberts

🌻 Becoming the Dark Prince by Kerri Maniscalco

🌻 The Bastard’s Bargain by Katee Robert

🌻 Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

🌻 Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck

🌻 Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa

🌻 Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill

Okay, Chapterlings! Those are just a few of the books by my favorite authors that I’d love to read, hopefully sooner rather than later. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful books out there by some really talented people and maybe one of these books pricked your interest! I would love to here what books you would like to read by your favorite authors! So please leave a comment down below! And as always, I hope your month is filled with lots of read, wonderful books, I love you! ❤️ Until next time, happy reading Chapterlings!



Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia & Gabriel Picolo


Other creators involved in the making of this graphic novel include: Illustration by Gabriel, Jon Sommariva, and Emma Kubert, coloring by David Calderon, and lettering by Tom Napolitano

Content/Trigger Warnings: Death of a parent/loved one, bullying, minor homophobia

After a horrible accident taking more than her memories, 17-year-old Rachel Roth moves to New Orleans to recover from the accident and finish her last year of high school. Things are never that simple though. Starting over and trying to remember things is never easy. When strange things begin to happen and suddenly Raven can hear thoughts and feelings from others, among other impossible things – Raven starts to believe that not remembering might not be so bad after all. With coming closer and closer to a Tommy Torres, a guy who accepts her for who she is, new friends, her new family, and her foster sister, Max, Raven is faced with a choice… Block them out of her life completely or come face to face with her past and a dark secret that only the dead know about.

If you’re a fan of Teen Titans then this will be one graphic novel you’re going to want to have on your radar. Before the Teen Titans, we follow 17-year-old Rachael, who prefers to be called Raven by her friends, who just had her whole world turned upside down. Now she can’t remember anything except the mundane like solving math problems and how to make a pot of pasta, but everything else has completely vanished. Picking up the pieces and trying to start over is never easy, Raven is slowly learning this. So when she meets a boy named Tommy Torres, suddenly things don’t seem so bad. Until strange things starts happening and a dark voice begins haunting her dreams.

“I will not let you go into the unknown alone.”

Where do I even begin with this graphic novel?! I liked it, I really liked it! This is my second DC Ink graphic novel and I found that I enjoyed this one so much more than Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale. The author really knew about the character she was writing about and whenever I read graphic novels about my favorite comic characters, I at least hope they stick to that hero’s or villain’s background for the majority of the comic. Super thankful for the the obvious love and knowledge of this character got poured into this book by the author!

My Thoughts

I’ve already stated how much I love the fact the author knew about the character she was writing about. I’m even more impressed that she added Slade into the mix of this whole comic. If you’re not familiar with Slade, Slade Wilson or otherwise known as Deathstroke is technically a villain (although I say he’s chaotic neutral) from DC comics. He’s a mercenary and an assassin who serves as the archenemy of the Teen Titan, more specifically Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Robin, Batman’s sidekick. I was super surprised he was dropped in panels throughout this graphic novel! This was probably my favorite thing about this graphic novel except maybe the cat this tarot shop.

Speaking of things I really loved, Tommy Torres was a surprised for sure. Any part with him, he reminded me of the personality of Beast Boy. I went the longest time thinking that he was going to be Beast Boy and this was them meeting before Teen Titans. Even though that wasn’t the case, he was a pleasant surprise. His personality made a difference in this graphic novel and it reflected with how Raven would act and respond to certain situations. I loved every bit of it! Not to mention, this really shows that Raven has a type and if you haven’t read the comics or even seen the show Teen Titans, then what are you even doing?! Although, I really wish we had a part where Tommy told Raven outright what was happening instead of her finding out in the worst possible way. I wish that section had gone a whole different direction.

Before anything else, there is a lot of diversity in this book. From the family dynamic, to the lgbtqiap rep, all the way to the Raven and Tommy being a biracial “couple” (it was never stated they were a couple, but they went on multiple dates). Even outside of that, we see the school cliques from the mean girls, to the struggling jock, to the bullied, we see a lot of different dynamics and diversity!

Also, one quick side note, I loved the artwork Gabriel Picolo did for this graphic novel. Each page is stunning and captures the mood of the whole story. It was just so stunning and I think Picolo did a marvelous with the color pallet and bringing this whole world to life. While I have never seen any other works by Picolo, this has prompted me to go look at other graphic novels they may have worked on or to track them down via social media. They truly did an outstanding job and think a lot of readers will fall in love with Picolo’s work after reading this graphic novel.

Without going into too much detail, I’m glad that the author brought in Trigon. He’s one of the biggest pieces of Raven’s backstory and I loved every second he was brought up. I wish we had more scenes with him. To sum up Trigon, he basically the most powerful villain in all of the DC comics, he enslaved many worlds, and he in the most intense being out of all the DC villains. So I really wish we had more panels of him or we got to see a little more of his possessive nature towards Raven.

Out of all the wonderful things this graphic novel does offer for any fan of Raven or Teen Titans, there was one thing that kept me from fully loving this graphic novel. While I love the romance, the story-line itself was underwhelming. It felt like so much more could have been done to cause more action or really play to Trigon’s true nature. The romance felt like it was overshadowing any opportunity for there to be more intense scenes or to show more of Trigon’s personality/intentions. I feel like many readers who have followed the DC comics or even Teen Titans will feel underwhelmed by the small amount of Trigon panels to the lack of action or suspense in this graphic novel.

Overall, I enjoyed this graphic novel. I think this is a great graphic novel for readers who aren’t familiar with Teen Titans, DC comics, or just the general characters. It’s a perfect introduction to those who do love Teen Titans, but has never gotten into anything past the t.v. shows. Even if you are a fan, I would still recommend reading this graphic novel. It was very well written by an author who actually poured their love and knowledge of this character into a book to bring it to life. And the artwork sets the mood perfectly! Honestly, the snippet of Kami’s next book in this series, in the back of this book, Beast Boy can’t get here soon enough! This graphic novel is sure to make everyone excited for the next!

“With power born from the earth and our ancestors, we call forth ties strong enough to bind this demon.”



Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

The original tag was created by ReadLikeWildfire and Earl Grey Books!

Am I doing this tag super later? Why yes I am! Better late than never, as I always say!

Hello Chapterlings! I hope summer has been treating everyone well and you’re all having a wonderful time reading! Can you believe we’re now in the second half of the year already?! I sure can’t! Time has been flying crazy fast and I’m almost not ready for it to be over, but I’ll admit, I’m really looking forward to the fall weather. Summer has me dying! But this is all beside the point of this post! This year has been a wild ride and even more so for my reading!
This is my first time doing the Mid Year Book Tag! I’m a little excited, nervous, but mostly thrilled to be doing this tag! So I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it up!

So far this year I have read 54 book and I have already surpassed my GoodReads 2019 Reading Challenge Goal! I don’t have any charts made up or statics to show you, but I can show you parts of my GoodReads challenge! ❤️

Okay, now that I’ve shown you that, let’s get into the actual tag! This is the good part! Where you get to see the books I loved, cherish, and some that were not so good. Also, let me just say this, I will only use one book per question because sometimes I can get a little carried away and no one wants to see that happen. Now onto the questions!

🌻 Best Book You’ve Read so Far in 2019

🌻 Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

🌻 Best Sequel You’ve Read so Far in 2019

🌻 Fence Vol. 2 by C.S. Pacat & Johanna the Mad

🌻 New Release that You haven’t Read Yet, but Want to

🌻 Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa

🌻 Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

🌻 Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

🌻 Biggest Disappointment

🌻 Unexpected by Kelly Rimmer

🌻 Biggest Surprise

🌻 How to Make Friends with the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow

🌻 Favorite New Author (Debut or New to You)

🌻 Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

🌻 Newest Fictional Crush

🌻 It’s a tie between Cass and Chet; Moonstruck Vol. 1: Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis

🌻 Newest Favorite Character

🌻 Benyamin: We Hunt the Flame Hafsah Faizal

🌻 Book that Made You Cry

🌻 Dragonhearts by Nikita Gill, Amanda Lovelace, Trista Mateer

🌻 Book that Made You Happy

🌻 Check Please! Book 1: #Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu

🌻 Most Beautiful Book You Bought so Far this Year (or Received)

🌻 Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

🌻 What Book do You Need to Read by the End of the Year?

🌻 The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson

🌻 Favorite Book Community Member

This is one of the hardest questions I have ever encountered! How does one even answer a question like this?!

Since joining the book community I have found so many wonderful, amazing people who have been inspirations, teachers, and found a relentless force of love and support. There aren’t enough words to described how grateful I am for this community and everything it has done for me and what it continues to do even now. I’m so thankful and blessed for all of YOU. Yes, YOU! The one who is reading this article right now. Without you; this article wouldn’t be possible, without your love and without your support, this blog would have never come to exist. I’m so very lucky to have readers who want to hear what I have to say and incredibly blessed. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Words can’t express what all of this means for me and what it means for the future! Thank you, I love you! ❤️

A special thank you to Melanie at Meltotheany! She has been a beacon of light and inspiration since I first started reviewing books in 2014. She has been a constant voice of inspiration to be the best book reviewer and content creator I can be. And I am truly blessed not only have discussions with her, but to be able to call her a friend. She is an amazing person, so sweet and loving, and she’s just a blessing. If you ever have the chance, visit her blog and check out her content; she is a marvelous human being and I love her with all of my heart. ❤️

Okay Chapterlings, I think that about covers everything! I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it! This has be entirely new for me and I’ve never done a tag quite like this before, but I’m so glad I did! While I’m excited for 2020, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for myself and all of you! Until next time Chapterlings, enjoy your reading! I love you! ❤️