Life Update | Small Break, Returning May 9th-10th

Salutations Chapterlings! How are you all doing? Have you been hydrating and taking a break when you need it? I hope you’re doing okay! Today is going to be a very brief update. I know I’ve been gone for about three weeks now and believe me, that was never supposed to happen, but life had so many other plans. So, I hope to clear up where I’ve been, what’s happened to make me disappear for a hot minute, and why I’m taking a short break.

DISCLAIMER: CW/TW for loss of loved ones and myself being sick

To start this off, I ended up getting really sick. It started off as the flu and as fate would have it, blossomed into a really terrible ear infection and bronchitis. This was the thing that knocked me out for the first two weeks of everything. Usually I’m sick longer due to having a weak immune system and chronic illnesses, but from the very first sniffle, I was being hyper-active with pushing immune support supplements, taking vitamin c, drinking tea for some of the sore throat stuff that was happening, lysoling everything, etc… Despite all this, I still got knocked on my butt for two weeks.

Now for the more sadder news to happen. During the time of me being sick, we had three family members pass away in a short amount of time, almost back to back to one another. This has been really hard on everyone including my spouse and I. Due to all of this, we’re spending a lot of time traveling for services/funerals and I’ve been kind of radio silent on social media, but with friends as well. Though, I’ve been trying hard to reach out to those closest to me to let them know, “Hey I’m not ignoring you or anything, this is what’s going on.”

This leads me into the final part of this post. My short break and returning May 9th. As the time of this post going up, we’re in prep for traveling for funeral stuff. With that being said, I’m really hoping that by May 9th or May 10th I’ll have some post going up on the blog, hopefully my tbr for this month will be going up, and just in general kind of catching up on Instagram as well. Though, I’ll probably post some photos on my IG stories of what I’m reading or listening to in my travels. So keep your eyes open for that!

I think that covers everything for this small life update. I wish this was a more happier or even a longer post with both good and bad things, but sadly things just didn’t turn out like that. I’m really hoping things will start turning around soon. Until next time friends, hug your loved ones a little tighter and take care of yourselves! I’ll see you soon! 💛



Discussion | My Book Blogging Pressures & Tips to Lessen the Pressure

What’s blogging without chaos and stress?

Chapterlings, it’s time for another discussion post. Honestly, this has been a blog post idea I’ve had saved in so many places. Notion? In all capital letters! A sticky note? You betcha! Several different drafts and saves on pre-typing this post? Oh heck yes! Needless to say, this is something I wanted to talk about for a while now. So today we’re going to do just that. We’re going to talk about some of my blogging pressures and how I manage the stress that comes along with being a book blogger.

For starters, I’m a naturally stressed out and anxious person. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t stressed, worried, or anxious. Maybe when I’m sleeping? It’s a mystery the world may never know! However, I like to think I’m a person to who has high-functioning stress. I feel like I’m my most productive when I’m stressed. And this includes blogging.

Despite the stress and the pressure that comes along with blogging, I still love to do it. I enjoy planning posts and working on content for my blog or even just in general. But I noticed that over the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve developed some unhealthy habits and in recognizing those habits, I’ve developed ways to lessen the stress and feel lighter when blogging.

1 – Feeling like you have to read all the books and request all the arcs

My #1 stress of all time when it comes to blogging is the fact that there’s a huge pressure to read all the books, request all the upcoming releases, constantly hauling books, keeping up on upcoming releases… the list just goes on and on. Along with all of this, there’s also a huge pressure to read all of the popular books that have or are being released. If for some reason you don’t read them, review them, post or talk about them then you’re not relevant. It sucks, but it’s the truth.

I’ve talked about how hyped books impact me and how I usually don’t touch them with a 10-foot-pole. And if I do, most times they don’t make it over a 3 star rating for me. So I get very hesitant about hyped upcoming releases and even writing reviews for them make me nervous because I’ve seen people get attacked over their reviews for those type of books, and I’ve received that kind of hate just from receiving arcs. It’s freaking scary out there friends!

2 – Consistency and delivering perfect content

It’s no secret that consistency is key to success. If you’re posting consistently, on a regular basis, readers are going to see your content and that’s going to encourage them to come visit your posts and your blog. This results in comments from your readers, new readers who are discovering your content for the first time, and so on.

However, if you’re like me, this can come with a heavy weight to carry. I’m a workaholic at heart and any time I take a single day off from blogging, anytime I decide on a self-care or mental health day, just anything in general that puts me first feels like I’m failing. I talk a lot about how much I love content creation, but the dark side to that is I take it seriously and sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself for making sure I’m delivering lengthy reviews, making sure my posts are the way I want it, if I make a grammar error it feels like the whole world is shattering.

3 – Having to be everywhere all the time

I love multitasking as much as the next person, but that’s just it… I’m one person. It can be the sweetest dreams or the more terrifying nightmare. I love to comment on blog posts, engage with people, sharing in topics that resonate with me… Sometimes I just can’t do it.

Keeping up with things is incredibly hard especially when fellow bloggers put out more than one blog post a day or perhaps you don’t want to miss a single comment and you want to engage with your community. It is a struggle. It can be the most rewarding, but it can destroy the spoons you have. This is a double-edge sword and where there is good, there is always the bad.

4 – I need to take better care of myself

Recently, in some of my latest posts, you may have seen me airing out the closet about some of my dark truths. Consider this post almost as an extension of all of that. The truth is a lot darker than you think. That wasn’t supposed to be as ominous as it sounded.

I became so obsessed with devoting large amounts of time to blogging and poured ungodly hours of hard work into the blog posts that I was creating. Again, I am a workaholic and sometimes I don’t know when to quit. My physical and mental health hit a peak of just deteriorating, and I got really, really sick. Here’s the thing, when you have chronic illnesses, getting sick is the last thing you want to have happened to you. And it took me a while to fully recover from that and feel 100% again.

How to lessen the pressure

Look, I’m not an expert and these tips aren’t going to be a cure all to the problems you may be facing. If I had all the answers and solutions, do you think I’d be the gremlin the hoodie, hunched over their laptop, trying to get things done? No, the answers is no and I definitely wouldn’t look like that.

However, these have been things that have helped me come back to blogging stronger, has helped preserved my love and happiness for blogging, and just breathe easier at the end of the day.

➼ Make schedules!

Truly, scheduling things and pre-planning things have helped a lot with the pressure of blogging for me. Also, setting cutoff times with your scheduling makes a huge difference! All those hours I’d spend into the dawn of next day has been thrown out the window.

Scheduling can take on many forms. Maybe it looks like planning posts or perhaps this means organizing when you need certain posts to go up and you’re checking when you can devote time to that particular post. Scheduling can even take on the form of when you devote time to respond to comments or even looking at blog posts, engaging with other bloggers.

➼ Take the break!

Sshh ssshhh sssshhhhh! I know this is going to be the thing you hear the most from other bloggers or even those in your personal life. Listen. LISTEN. It really can help. I think this advice gets such a bad rep due to seeing the time constrictions. Maybe you’re thinking I’m going to tell you to take a short break or I’m going to tell you to take a month off from blogging.

Well, you’re wrong. I’m not going to tell you any time restrictions because I don’t think breaks are something that should have time restraints on. If you need to take a break, you take that break, but you come back when you’re ready. And I’m telling you this because this is what happened to me. A lot of people told me to take a month hiatus or just take a short two week break and those time restrictions stressed me out. Before I knew it, I vanished from the book community and blogging for almost an entire you. Only occasionally popping in to fill in some of the gaps. This is one of those gaps. If you take a break, you are the wielder of your time and return to blogging, no one else.

➼ Do things that bring you joy!

This is a really obvious tip. Like, really freaking obvious. However, I think this is one of the most powerful tips I can give you.

Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” And I firmly believe that. Those little things bring us joy, make a moment more special, make something memorable, and I believe they have the power to calm even the stormiest mind when under pressure.

➼ Read & comment of posts that genuinely interest you!

It took me a long time to realize I didn’t have to comment on every single blog post and that I could respond to the posts that particularly caught my interest. I used to fill myself with so much guilt about not commenting on every single post my favorite bloggers would put out and I would get really twisted up inside.

Making yourself stressed out, filling yourself with guilt for not commenting all the time, or forcing myself to reading all the posts isn’t healthy for you. You don’t have to do this. There are plenty of ways to support your favorite bloggers or interacting with your favorite bloggers without putting yourself in a state of internal guilt or stress.

So… that was a lot to unpack. These may or may not be the pressures you’re dealing with and these tips may not be the cure all to your stresses. Everyone is their own unique self and experience things differently. My experiences are my own experiences and some of these may be normal or even something you don’t have to worry about. A lot of this post is me saying to myself, “You can breathe again.” And in a way, making peace with the old and putting some skeletons to rest. I do hope that some of these tips do help you and maybe make things a little easier for you. Maybe you just needed someone to tell you to breathe and try these tips. ♥

What things stress you out as a blogger? What kind of things do you do to lessen the pressure? Come chat about it with me in the comments! ♥



5 Books I Want to Read Before 2022 Ends

Salutations Chapterlings! How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well and staying hydrated! I have a bit of a confession… This was technically a draft I had saved for 2021 that never got published and now I’m repurposing it for the year of 2022. This time, I’m getting it posted with some books that I really, really want to read before this year ends. And in a way, posting it now is a way to hold myself accountable for this mini tbr. Actually, this is a bit of a secret tbr and I hope you enjoy what I’m about to share! ♥

You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao
“Seventeen-year-old Julie has her future all planned out—move out of her small town with her boyfriend Sam, attend college in the city, spend a summer in Japan. But then Sam dies. And everything changes.

Heartbroken, Julie skips his funeral, throws out his things, and tries everything to forget him and the tragic way he died. But a message Sam left behind in her yearbook forces back memories. Desperate to hear his voice one more time, Julie calls Sam’s cellphone just to listen to his voicemail.

And Sam picks up the phone.

In a miraculous turn of events, Julie’s been given a second chance at goodbye. The connection is temporary. But hearing Sam’s voice makes her fall for him all over again, and with each call it becomes harder to let him go. However, keeping her otherworldly calls with Sam a secret isn’t easy, especially when Julie witnesses the suffering Sam’s family is going through. Unable to stand by the sidelines and watch their shared loved ones in pain, Julie is torn between spilling the truth about her calls with Sam and risking their connection and losing him forever.”

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice
“With winter looming, a small northern Anishinaabe community loses communication. Days later, it goes dark. Cut off from the urban realm of the south, many of its people become passive and confused. They eventually descend into panic as the food supply dwindles, with few hunters left in the First Nation. While the band council and a pocket of community members struggle to maintain order, an unexpected visitor arrives from a city in the south to escape a crumbling society. Soon after, others follow.

The community leadership is faced with the dilemma of allowing the urban refugees to live with them on their territory. Tensions rise, and as the months pass, so does the death toll due to sickness and despair. Frustrated by the building chaos, a group of young friends and their families turn to the land and tradition in hopes of helping their community thrive again, while they grapple with a grave decision.

Blending action and allegory, Moon of the Crusted Snow upends our expectations. Out of catastrophe comes resilience. And as one society collapses, another is reborn.”

The King of Burbon Street (NOLA Nights #1) by Thea De Salle
“Hotel chain mogul Sol DuMont is about to learn that some of life’s biggest surprises come in deceptively small packages—namely a petite heiress named Rain who’s hell-bent on upsetting her family’s expectations—in this first book in the all new series by Thea de Salle, set against the sultry backdrop of New Orleans.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sol DuMont is a divorcee and the owner of a mid-sized hotel chain in New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina, his father’s death, and the decision that he and his ex-wife Maddy are far better off friends than lovers, he’s lost interest in almost everything he held dear—parties, people, and pushing limits.

All his limits.

Then Arianna Barrington checks into his hotel.

Twenty-four-year-old Arianna “Rain” Barrington could have been society’s sweetheart. Her family is moneyed, connected press darlings, and make sweeping headlines from coast to coast for reasons both good and bad. But when her mother shoves her at Charles Harwood—the obnoxious, entitled heir of Harwood Corp—to cement a billion-dollar business merger, Rain does the only thing she can think of to escape: she creates a scandal so big Harwood doesn’t want her anymore before fleeing to New Orleans for much-needed rest and relaxation.

All she wants is jazz piano, beignets, and to sail the Mississippi. What she gets is Sol DuMont, a whirlwind affair, and a hands-on education in sex, power play, and pushing limits.”

Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones
We thought we’d play a fun prank on her, and now most of us are dead.

One last laugh for the summer as it winds down. One last prank just to scare a friend. Bringing a mannequin into a theater is just some harmless fun, right? Until it wakes up. Until it starts killing.

Luckily, Sawyer has a plan. He’ll be a hero. He’ll save everyone to the best of his ability. He’ll do whatever he needs to so he can save the day. That’s the thing about heroes—sometimes you have to become a monster first.

Stephen Graham Jones returns with Night of the Mannequins, a contemporary horror story where a teen prank goes very wrong and all hell breaks loose: is there a supernatural cause, a psychopath on the loose, or both?”

Darling by K. Ancrum
“On Wendy Darling’s first night in Chicago, a boy called Peter appears at her window. He’s dizzying, captivating, beautiful—so she agrees to join him for a night on the town.

Wendy thinks they’re heading to a party, but instead they’re soon running in the city’s underground. She makes friends—a punk girl named Tinkerbelle and the lost boys Peter watches over. And she makes enemies—the terrifying Detective Hook, and maybe Peter himself, as his sinister secrets start coming to light. Can Wendy find the courage to survive this night—and make sure everyone else does, too?

Acclaimed author K. Ancrum has re-envisioned Peter Pan with a central twist that will send all your previous memories of J. M. Barrie’s classic permanently off to Neverland.”

Whew! I feel like this is a powerhouse of a list, don’t you think? I hope you enjoyed this list and maybe some of these books caught your eye. I truly, truly am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be able to read all of these before the end of 2022. It’s just time to get them read and clear a little space on my tbr. Until next time friends, I love you! ♥

Are any of these books on your radar? Have a/any books you’re hoping to read before 2022 ends? Come tell me about it the comments below! ♥



My Reading Habits: The Good, The Bad, & The WTF Malli!

Today’s post is brought to you by me apparently wanting to show you all the skeletons in my closet!

Look, I know I just did my Random Bookish Facts About Me post, but then I had this thought… let’s go deeper! Let’s talk about those reading habits, let’s discuss the good and bad, but also let’s throw a few skeletons in there that many people may not know I do. This post will range from buying books, reading, note taking, even bookstgramming! And I’m kind of excited to share these reading habits. I think many of you will be surprised with some of the things I’m about to reveal. Buckle up readers, it’s about to get bookish up in here!

The Good

I read diversely in terms of representation!
This was something I worked really hard to achieve and in no way am I saying that it’s perfect. I know for a fact that there’s always room for improvement, room to grow, to add more into the mix. That’s the beauty of the now and the future, we have the chance to keep doing better. What I am saying, over the years I’m more aware of the books I’m buying, the kind of representation in the book, and really upping my game in researching on who’s stories are being told and how they’re being told. It’s not perfect, but I’m constantly striving to do better.

Reading in any format!
I never thought I’d be here saying this and maybe this comes from a place of privilege, as well. There was a long time in my life where books were earned through hard work (outside of school, you know) and now… I have physical books, but I also have access to audiobooks, kindle books, and I even get to receive arcs/alcs. I never thought I would ever reach this point where I have so much literature at my fingertips. Not only that, but I feel more comfortable and confident with these reading formats. All of this took a long time to be okay with, but I’m really glad I made it to this point in my life and I grateful to have these experiences.

Better at prioritizing!
This is another one of those things that I really had to work at to be better about. What I mean by prioritizing is what books I need to read over others. Which in hindsight might come off as really weird phrasing or like I’m not giving books chances, but that’s not it at all. By prioritizing I simply mean commitments I’ve made. This may include blog tours, arc reviews, buddy reads, and even commitments to goals or posts I actually want to make. Remember when I talked about all the sticky notes I buy in bulk? Yeah, some of those get put on a wall as a way of helping me stay organized and prioritizing books I really want to read or the commitments that I make. This also includes blog posts, social media posts, etc… A way of having structure when I constantly feel like a chaotic gremlin.

Being picky about arcs/alcs!
Again, this comes from a place of privilege because not everyone has access to arc/alcs or may not even be able to obtain those books despite requesting them, etc… This is another thing I worked really hard at being mindful about. I used to request any book that sounds interesting or even accept any email I would get offering an arc/alc. However, last year helped me realize that I have a huge backlist, but also that I don’t have to request every single thing that sounds good or like something I’d read. I’ve been slowing down my process and really taking the time to really debate how badly I want an arc, how excited I am about the release, and whether or not it fits into my current reading. This has eased up some of the pressure I put on myself as well and keeping my tbr a little lighter, in the process.

The Neutral

Impossible not to take notes!
I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but what I am saying is don’t try to talk to me or ask me things when I’m in the process of taking notes. I literally can’t stop or pause taking notes. No matter where I am, no matter who I’m with. If you see me reading and taking notes, just wait till I’m finished because I’d rather answer questions afterwards than lose my train of thought, scraping my current notes, and then retaking them all over again. Yes… I will rip the page out of my notebook and start a whole new page of notes and yes, I will make little gremlin noises in the process.

I can’t read more than two books at a time!
I feel like this is a neutral thing and one where I haven’t seen may people say, let alone discuss. I’m one of those people who doesn’t fit the mold of reading all the books at once or can only read one book at a time. However, I have learned, in the past few years, that I thrive with reading two books at a time. Actually, I thrive on this so much that I get more reading done than I thought I ever would. Being realistic though, there aren’t many pros or cons to all of this. Except the weird spike in reading due to switching to this method. Otherwise, I kind of feel like an oddball with this haha!

I read with all the noise!
I like to have noise, a lot of noise. Now hold on, it’s not as wild as you think. I usually just put on a Chillhop or Lofi video and then I let the rest of the chaos, a.k.a my pets, create the rest of the environmental noise. Surprisingly, I get really focused or even more into a book with this.

I can’t read hyped books!
Look, hyped books are not my cup of tea. What I mean is if a book is overly hyped by a lot of people even people I know, it’ll ruin a book for me. Even to the point of never picking up a book. Currently, I have over 20 titles on my back list that were overly hyped books recommended to me. It’s a bit of a problem and I might unhaul these books later. There’s also the chance that if I do read it, there’s a good chance it won’t make it above a 3 star rating. There’s only one person who has hyped books to me that actually turned out being books I really enjoyed and I think that’s due to having very similar reading tastes.

The Bad

Buying books and never getting the chance to read them!
This is a really bad habit of mine that I’m currently working really hard to break. Surprisingly enough, with the move coming up, I haven’t been buying books. I’ve only been buying books in terms of what I’m actually going to read. However, before we decided to move, I was buying nothing but books and never getting the chance to read them.

I read the most at night!
Out of all my habits, this is probably the worst one. I’m already have a difficult time sleeping due to chronic illnesses and insomnia, but add reading on top of that and you’ve got yourself a potion for disaster. This can lead to my sleep schedule getting really messed up to the point of being awake over 48 hours or more. I’m trying to fix this habit with setting a cut-off time for reading every night in hopes to prevent my sleeping time to descend into chaotic madness.

I read all over the place, in various positions!
I’m labeling this as bad because it’s certainly not good for posture or when you have chronic illnesses that deal in pain. And I wish this was only limited to chairs, but it’s not. Counters? Yes. Laying across a coffee table? Sure, why not?! Draped over the back of the sofa smacking myself in the face with the book I’m reading? You bet your sweet booty I do! The limit does not exist of all the places I find myself reading. It’s a problem, a big problem. One that my body glares at me over every single day.

What are some of your reading habits? Do we have any in common or are your experiences different? Come chat with me in the comments below!



5-Star Reading Predictions 2022

Salutations Chapterlings! I wanted to make a different kind of post and share some of my 5 star reading predictions. I’ve never done one of these posts before. Actually, I make a lot of sticky note prediction lists, but I’ve never sat down and decided to share with you lovely beans some of those predictions. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which books I wanted to put on this list and I’m a little nervous, but I hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as I do making them!

Into the predictions we descend!

Honestly, I was debating on whether or not to put this on my list because I was already in the process of finishing this arc when I decided to make this list. However, if I was going to make this list then this book needed to be a part of this post because this book is part of my top 5 star predictions. So, since I technically already finished this arc, consider this a bonus book. I did end up rating this book 5 stars. If you want to check out my review, you can click HERE! As I said, I gave this 5 stars because this book was just everything. I loved it so much and I think there’s going to be many readers who end up loving this book just as much.

I feel like I’m a little late to the hype train on this book, but I’m glad I discovered this book when I did because I’m so excited to read The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea. I currently have this book slated for my May tbr. So you’ll be seeing this pop up real soon. This all besides the point. The point is that the synopsis of this book sounds absolutely fantastic and the cover is absolutely stunning. Plus, there’s been some hints that this has Spirit Away elements or inspiration while having mythology woven throughout. I’m not saying I’m making grabby hands or saying this book has it’s claws in me… but I’m also not saying that. I’m just ready and excited to experience this book with my whole soul.

Unraveling by Brandon Leake has been on my radar since the start of 2022. As a consumer of anything and everything poetry related, this has been high up on my list of arcs I’ve been hoping to obtain. And by the beautiful blessings that is Libro Fm, I was able to obtain an audio book alc. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I’m going to love this. I always say poetry comes to us when we need it and I always find poetry has an even stronger impact when you can hear that poetry being given a voice. I can’t wait to dive into the and have my heart ripped out and cry for hours over this poetry collection.

The Lost Dreamer was another one of those 2022 releases that really caught my attention. The synopsis of this book sounds absolutely incredible and I’m really excited to read this. Again, another alc from Libro Fm and giving me the privilege to listen to the audiobook. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m more excited for. The fact that there’s mythology woven throughout this entire book, the magic elements of this book, or the fact that this is a book being classified as a sci-fi book and I’m excited about it. I never get excited about sci-fi books and I’m freaking ready. I ready for this book to knock me out of the water!

I am ready! I am jumping, excited, pre-order ready to go! For the Throne is the next book in the Wilderwood duology and I’m really excited. The way the first book ended has left me on a reading hangover. I need more of these characters, I need answers, and I’m ready. I’m just ready to let this book rock me like a hurricane and leave me in an absolute reading mess. I don’t know what to expect going into this book and no, reading the synopsis is not an option. I want to be surprised. However, my hopes for this book is pretty high which is why this book found it’s way onto this list.

I heard there were demons! *brow waggles* Yes, okay, FINE! I admit I will instantly put a book on my 5 star prediction list if a book has demons or dragons within the pages of the book! But seriously, the synopsis of this book sounds amazing. When I was contacted to read an arc of this book, I was a little weary at first, but let me just quote the first two lines of this synopsis.

“Three weddings. Three funerals.”

Does that not make you want to pick this book up and find out what is going on?! Those two sentences instantly stole my breath away. And then I found out there were demons in this book and I got even more excited to read it. It just sounds freaking amazing and honestly, I really want to know more. You’ll be seeing this pop up again real soon because I’ll be reading this book in April for my April tbr. I have high hopes friends, extremely high hopes.

Whew, I was so nervous to share these 5 star predictions! I always feel like 5 star predictions can be so hit or miss or even feel private at times, but I am glad I shared this list. This is actually one of seven lists I have and thankfully I only decided to list six out of the seven lists I’ve compiled. I hope you all enjoyed this little list of 5 star predictions. I know it’s not a big list or anything of the sort, but I had a lot of fun making this and sharing a little bit of the things I’m thinking about behind the scenes. Until next time friends, stay safe, I love you! 💕

Do you have a 5 star prediction list? Are any of these books on your radar? Come chat about it in the comments below!



Random Bookish Facts About Me!

Random bookish facts about me you didn’t know!

Salutations friends! There’s been a lot of new faces finding their way to my little corner in the book community and I thought I’d do something a little fun and different, post wise. Originally I thought about doing a new introductory post, but I decided I would reveal some fun, interesting, maybe questionable bookish facts about myself that you may not know. Time to grab those snacks, sit back, and brace for a little chaos as I reveal my bookish skeletons!

1 – I’m a big reading multitasker.

You may be asking yourself what this means. Do I eat snacks while reading? Listen to audiobooks while cleaning? Yes and yes, but there’s more to it. I dance… lots of dancing, a lot of blasting lofi, sometimes Ocean Man ends up on repeat while I’m feeling a whole chapter. This is all looped in with the extensive note-taking I do and answering emails. I don’t know how I got here, but I chalk it up to that true Gemini behavior coming through.

2 – I’m the worst at completing series.

Ever since the ACOTAR series, I haven’t been able to touch a series the same way. You know, in the way of totally zooming through the series in three days, kind of devouring of series. The best example I have of this is the Shadow of the Fox series. I was consuming that series like a wildfire, but… it’s almost been two years and I still haven’t finished the third and final book in the series. The hardcover and audiobook stare intensely at me every day and I still haven’t touched it, and the third book is the shortest out of all of them. Is it because I’m terrified to have my heart ripped out by another author? Maybe. Am I still trying to work past that and finish series? Trying and failing, horribly. I’d like to think one day I’ll finish at least one series a year because that seems achievable, but it hasn’t happened yet. Oops

3 – No you cannot borrow my books!

I think this is one of those traits that’s a mixed bag in the book community. You’re either fine letting friends or family borrow your books or you’re clutching your books to your chest, preparing to fight anyone who dares to touch them. I’m Smaug ready to defend my horde of books. For me, I think I developed this trait at a very young age because there would be people in my life who would take my books or destroy my books, and when you’re a child who’s only friends are books because you’re chronically ill, that’s a very hollowing feeling. So I’m very protective of my books. I think there’s only been two people in my life who’ve I’ve sent my books to and for me, if I ever do that, that’s a sign that I trust you with my whole dang chest. If I send you my books, you mean something to me and I value a whole heck-a-ton.

4 – I get very vocal when reading.

Does anyone else get very loud, have pterodactyl screeches escape their body, and then run to discuss a scene or moment in a book with someone only for everything to come out as gibberish, and everyone in the room staring at you like you grew three heads? Yeah… Definitely not me. Maybe it’s from being such a small person and all my feelings have nowhere else to go so they explode out of me like a kaleidoscope of butterflies or maybe my brain just disconnects from reality and then all my thoughts just emerge from my mouth in an incoherent word waterfall that make no sense. Either way, this is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember and I still do it today.

5 – I buy post-it notes in bulk and have them everywhere!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been annotating books since I was six years old. I spent a lot of time in my school library and learning reading techniques at a young age, okay, it’s fine! So I’ve had this habit since I was very young of using sticky notes for everything. There’s not a single room you can walk into without there being a stack of 5-10 sticky notes, of different colors, and pens, lots of pens, scattered in a small pile. I use post-it notes in my annotating, I use them for jotting down my thoughts and content/trigger warnings, I have post-it notes everywhere of posts I need to make for this blog, and so on. I use them for literally everything. Some might say it’s an obsession while others might say a “bad habit”, I’ve heard both, but it works. At least for me it works and it helps with my organization. If you want to see the ones I use; I use colored ones not lined & then I used colored lined ones for lists or content/trigger warnings.

6 – Books, book stacks everywhere!

Books for photos? There’s a stack. Books I’m currently reading? A giant stack consuming a nightstand. Book stacks just all over the place! While my note-taking and annotating of books may be highly organized, this is the complete opposite of my situation for my books. Out of all my bookish friends, I always feel like the chaotic one of the group with having so many different books stacks everywhere, nothing being in the place it should be. Between un-hauling books, books needing to be packed up, and being down to one fully packed cart… it’s a chaotic problem sometimes.

7 – Audiobooks and ebooks get a bad rep, in my opinion.

Yup, I woke up and chose violence this morning. I’m adding spice to this post and mostly because I want to talk about it. I’ve been gone from the book community for about a year, despite regular updates. Coming back and seeing fellow readers doubling down on the whole debate of how “ebooks and audiobooks aren’t considered real reading” or “they’re not as good as the physical book” argument – frankly, this is a discussion as old as time, but also it seems so silly in the big picture of things. I think a lot of people really show their privilege and ignorance when they make statements like this because they’re not taking into consideration those who have disabilities, those who don’t have the privilege of having medium to large spaces dedicated to books, those who can only get ebooks because of their income/budget situation, and so many more situations/circumstances that play a factor into why some people may do ebooks or audiobooks over physical books.
Honestly, I really enjoy ebooks and audiobooks. As someone who has chronic illnesses and has a slight visual impairment, I love ebooks and audiobooks. They’re perfect for the times when I’m struggling with these disorders. On the opposite side of things, I’m in the process of moving and audiobooks and ebooks are perfect for when you still want to read, but you’re preparing for big life changes such as moving.

8 – I can never read in the same spot, in the same day.

Most of my designated reading days are usually 50% reading, 25% attempting to remember basic human needs, & 25% changing rooms and positions because I can never be comfortable in the same spot for too long. This typically leads to me roaming my home, flopping across multiple surfaces and places, trying to find the best new reading spot. This is something I do at least three times a week, sometimes more if I’m on vacation from work or sometimes if it’s the weekend, as well.

9 – Constantly updating GoodReads & IG stories.

Every time I take reading breaks, I’ll log in on GR or IG and update pages, post little stories, share thoughts, etc… This is something that I’ve done since I started seriously reading and do more through reviews for books. It also helps with my process of tracking my reading progress, as well. It allows me to process my thoughts on break, reflect on places I stopped at, and circling back to the sticky notes, taking notes for however many chapters I read and jot down thoughts. Also, I’ll take time to update Notion as well. A while back I did a post on how I take reading notes (which I need to make an updated post because there have been some changes) and Notion was a big game changer for me as a reader, blogger, and reviewer. So I’ll take time to update this during breaks and add little notes for the specific things I’m currently tackling for that day.

10 – I struggle with declining review requests.

I’m very much a person who struggles with declining requests to review books. Now granted, I’m very picky of arcs I accept or even personally requested arcs, but when authors take the time to personally reach out to me, I’m a deer in the headlights. Usually authors are so sweet and I’m not going to lie, as a small content creator, it feels good to be noticed sometimes and have authors reach out to you for reviews. However, if you’re someone like me who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or upset anyone, declining review requests can feel impossible. In fact, as I type this, I have four pending review request emails right now. (Does anyone have any tips or tricks for declining requests?)

Do you relate to any of these facts? Are you a reading screecher as well? Come chat with me in the comments below about your bookish facts or if you have a similar post, feel free to link it in the comments. I hope you enjoyed learning some bookish facts about me. Until next time friends, remember to hydrate, I love you! 🤍



Reflecting on 2021 & Goals for 2022

Salutations friends! Can you believe the year has finally come to an end? Where has the year gone? For real though, I think we were all ready for 2021 to be over with already. Although, 2021 did feel like it was moving at light speed. Does anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, this is going to be a little different from the typical things that get posted here. I thought it’d be nice to do a little reflecting on 2021 and then talk about the goals that I’m setting for 2022. I promise, this is still related to book stuff. So if you want to do a little reflecting and goal setting with me, then let’s grab a cup of hot cider and dive in.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Talk of mental health, brief mentions of the pandemic, talk of physical health, mentions of toxic relationships, and talk of near loss of a loved one

If you don’t want to read through this section or need to skip, then scroll on down to the 2022 goals!

2021 Reflecting

When 2021 started, my goals were easy or “simple”, get back into reading more and getting back on a more consistent posting schedule. – If you were here at the end of 2020, then you may have figured out that things would have drastic changes. Little did I know 2021 would be a hard year of life lessons and putting my resilience to the highest of tests.

2021 hit me like a ton of bricks with nearly losing my mother not once, but twice within a short amount of time. It would then escalate to later on in the year where I almost lost her for a third time. That was one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever faced and truly, I don’t think any of us are equipped to face the grim reaper when it concerns our parents. So that was something I was heavily processing throughout the whole year and a lot of my attention was consumed by helping my family.

2021 was also the year where something inside of me said, “Enough is enough.” This turned into a revelation of realizing really toxic friendships and family relationships that were stealing every ounce of joy and peace from me. Have you ever wonder what a descent into madness looks like? Yeah, like that Lovecraftian stuff you’ve heard about before! Well, this is literally how it felt before something inside of me snapped me awake to the reality that was actually happening. As someone who’s the type of person who would defend others, teeth bared, without taking myself into consideration – choosing myself was one of the toughest act I’ve done in a long while and it was so liberating.

Also, I had major surgery this year while all the pandemic protocols have been in place. And let me tell you, not having my spouse by my side through that experience was a horrible feeling I never want to experience ever again. It was such a lonely, hollowing feeling, but when I was finally able to go home, that was the best part.

And overall, 2021 really did my mental health in. There were a lot of things that happened and there were a lot of things to process through. Even now there’s still things that are healing and processing. Sadly, probably my biggest regret, is my reading and bookish content creation suffered a lot due to all of this. I ended up retreating to a place that has always been a safe harbor for me and I can say, with 2021 ending, I feel better about starting my serious reading again.

2022 Goals

This section is going to be a bit divided between personal life, reading, and content creation goals!

Personal Life

  1. Time Management: I struggle so much with time management. Truly, I do. From doom scrolling to multitasking (like I’m definitely not doing right now), my time management isn’t the best. With that being said, I want to rework the way I spend my time and start using it in more productive ways that aren’t hurtful to my mental health.
  2. Daily Routine: Honestly, I already have a daily routine, but I feel like I could improve it to be more efficient than it already is. I’m very much a creature who needs a well-structed routine and to be honest, it’s fallen into some serious chaos over the last couple of months. So this is my way of just holding myself accountable.
  3. Quality of Life: I don’t talk about it enough, but having three chronic illnesses that all impact each other is a lot to manage. If I’m being honest, I’m not always the best at realizing when I need to stop doing something before things escalate. So, I’m making this a priority to get equipment I need to better manage my illnesses, to feel less guilty about getting what I need to feel better, and to help manage the symptoms a little easier.
  4. Moving: I’ve mentioned this a few times, but we’re in the process of moving. We’re hoping by 2022 to be moved into a new place and honestly, I’m ready for it. I think this will be a huge improvement to so many things in my personal life and I’m ready to start this new chapter.


  1. TBRs: I love making tbrs even though I don’t always read everything on them. I really enjoy making them and so my hope for the new year is to start making tbrs again. I’m hoping to make them shorter so they’re easier to complete and manage.
  2. Choosing review copies more carefully: While a lot of my books come from NetGalley and though I’m already pretty thorough when I pick arcs. However, I want to make sure I’m being a little more conscious of how many arcs I’m requesting so I don’t get overwhelmed by arcs. I’ve started doing this since November and it’s been going well so far. I’m hoping to keep this ball rolling as we move into the new year.
  3. Read more current releases: With being gone the majority of 2021, I realized that I’ve missed so many new releases. This was put into more perspective once the GR Choice Awards rolled around. While I love reading my backlist or discovering new novellas to read, I miss how on top I used to be with new releases. So I’m hoping to change that this year.

Content Creation

  1. More bookstagram content: Again, 2021 was the year all my bookish content suffered… a lot. Which I feel really sad, really guilty about, but as I mentioned on IG already, I’m hoping to slowly come back. I want to get back into posting as frequently as I can, within reason. I miss making bookish content and showing yall what I’ve been up to book wise.
  2. Consistent blogging schedule: I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that I haven’t missed blogging. I’ve stated before, but I really do love content creating. I love making reviews and bookish content for my blog. So I’m hoping to get back into the swing of blogging as the new year rolls in.

And with that my friends, I think that covers all of my goals for 2022! I know this may seem long or maybe even unachievable, but I promise, I wouldn’t have made this list if I didn’t think I couldn’t accomplish it. Chalk it up to my overachieving personality. I also want 2022 to be a fresh start. A year of reclaiming my happiness and joy in 2022. Truly, I’m ready for 2022 and the start of this new chapter.

Were you able to unlock all of your goals for 2021, or have any exciting goals for 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below or link me to a similar article you wrote! I’m wishing us all the best of luck as the new year approaches and as we all begin tackling our new goals! 💚



Life Update | Where’s Malli?!

I feel like some explanation is long overdue. Where to begin, what to talk about first, what do I even say…

Greetings everyone! It has been a long, long, LONG minute since I’ve said anything about where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, what’s happening, etc… First and foremost, I know I don’t owe an explanation on what’s been happening. In fact, I’m planning on keeping this post short and sweet, to the point. With that being said; yeah, I’ve been a bit of a ghost and kind of disappeared for a hot minute.

Life is messy and mine has spiraled a lot since 2020. Even now, my life has still been spiraling. From family things to medical things, all the way to planning to move in the near future. Life has been taking me on a wild ride that I haven’t had the time to hop off of to just… be, to just exist for a moment. In this time that I’ve been absent, I’ve been healing, rediscovering things that I love and did love (at one point in my life), and I’ve been been doing a lot of things that are better for me in the long run.

So you’re probably wondering what this means. Well, I’ve been asking that of myself since the last time we had one of these chats. I made a statement a couple months back that I’ve taken a step back from the book community. Which is true to some extent. Reading burnout is something that hit me really hard in the fall of last year. And if I’m being honest, I never fully recovered from that. To make a long story short, I read a book that really messed me up and it kind of shot my motivation to read to smithereens. Yeah, it was that bad. And in case you didn’t know, I’m a critical reader. I’m that person who goes into every book willing to read all the content/trigger warnings and make sure things are actually talked about and mentioned instead of them being covered up, letting people go into a book blind folded. Yeah, doing that is really mentally exhausting and taxing especially if a book overdoes it on the nitty gritty details. That stuff can mess you up real quick even if you take the necessary precautions to protect your mental health. So it’s been a struggle. I’d start a book then ‘dnf’ thirty pages in. It’s been a real struggle since the burnout happen.

Basically, I’ve been prioritizing books that are either buddy reads or I have some obligation to. Otherwise, most of my reading has been webcomics. Which, don’t knock the webcomics until you actually tried webcomics. Webtoons is a beautiful, glorious place of self-published authors. If you haven’t seen my post on ‘webcomics I’m loving right now’ then you should definitely check it out to get some recommendations. Technically, if I really wanted to, I could write a part two and part three to that article because I’ve been reading so many webcomics. So if that interests you, definitely let me know!

Anyway, this has gone a lot longer than I wanted it to be. But I did want to come say, I’m going to be attempting a September TBR and will be posting more details about that sometime in the next few days. This doesn’t mean I’m fully returning to the book community or anything like that. This just means I miss reading and I finally found some motivation to actually read some books, and potentially get some reviews posted for all of you. So I hope you’re excited because I’m a little excited to share what I have on my “TBR attempt” plate. It’s not much because a lot of my stuff has been packed up for house renovations and moving purposes, but I’m still excited!

Thank you all for continuing to support me, to love my content despite not being around as much, and I can’t wait to read some of the really awesome books I have planned! ♥



Life Update | What Really Happened in 2020, Blog Changes Happening, & Have I Really Turned Into a Ghost?

It feels like almost yesterday when I made a life update, talking about things happening that are impacting my blog. And now I’ve kind of crawled out of the woodwork to bring another life update. So hello, salutations, I’m here to tell you, once again, the things happening and why it seems like my content has… staggered? become long-winded? kind of…stopped? Well, we have some things to talk about. So I hope you can bear with me as I try to talk about these sensitive topics happening in my life.

Just a content/trigger warning in advance, I’ll be talking about the pandemic, injured/ill loved ones, and loss of a loved one to suicide in this post.

So let’s start with the most obvious thing. I disappeared for a very long time. Almost two months? Three? I’ve lost count. Of course I’ve still posted reviews, but to me and I’m sure to all of you, my content seemed to be staggering. I always want to be clear about my intentions when I talk about things and I always want to be as honest, and as transparent as I can be with all of you. So this is me opening up the wounds and showing the things I’ve tried to keep behind closed doors, behind barb fencing, and tucked away so no one could see. I’ve mentioned a few times, but I never went into great details of what was happening. So let’s address what was really happening to me in 2020.

2020 impacted all of us in various ways. Some of those things were good, but for many, they were bad.

For myself, it came swift and torturous of those twelve months. I’ve lost friendships, seen friends being attacked for good intentions, I’ve felt isolated in a community I originally felt safe and loved in, I had someone breach past all my boundaries, I’ve been harassed and attacked by strangers for giving my honest opinion about the things I’ve read, and even had someone go as far as sending me threats on my social media platforms. And these are just the things that have happened to me within the book community.

All of those things combined, I took a break and even went to the extent of putting my social media on lockdown, deleting my Twitter, and plethora of other things to ensure my safety and security.

When everything started in 2020, I had family members, who have jobs in the medical field, get deployed to the front lines of everything happening. So, while I tried pouring my time and energy into all the content I was pouring out on my blog and other social media, in the back of my mind I had a lot of worry and dread seeping in. In the end, I was stretching myself so thin so I wouldn’t feel the claws of anxiety and fear. Which really took a toll on my physical health.

Then the fall of 2020 came and with that, it was like a bottle of whiskey being smash open over a glowing fire. The worst possible news ended up reaching me. A few of my elderly family members had ended up in the hospital due to severe medical hardships. It came down to crossing all my fingers and toes hoping they would pull through and make it through the holidays.

Then in November I received a call from my childhood best friend and if I’m being honest, it felt like a piece of me shattered when I got that phone call. He called to tell me that his older brother was in a coma and had been hospitalized. My friend and his family are like a second home to me. They have always been such wonderful, loving people and have done so much for me that I can’t even begin to explain because the list is so long. Since receiving that phone call, he hasn’t woken up and the news I get has been dwindling. And being honest, I’m terrified for the next piece of news I hear.

Flashing forward to 2021, it feels like I’ve been facing off with the devil and the grim reaper for months now. Honestly, I was really hopeful that 2021 was going to start off on a positive note. Boy, did my system ever get a shock. It’s literally a sequel and I’m still fighting the devil and grim reaper.

When the first week of January hit, despite everything, thing were pretty peaceful until the following week. The following week I received a call that one of my old friends had committed suicide. They were one of those people who always seemed happy or always tried to make the whole room light up, but their pain was that ‘quiet thunder’ kind. Getting that phone call hit like a ton of bricks and I haven’t really talked about it with anyone. In a way, this has become my ‘quiet thunder’. So I’ve been processing through the weight and grief of that loss.

And of more recently, I found out that one of my family members who works in the medical field had a breach of their suit and now has covid, and they’re not doing so good. Actually, it’s been really hard and it’s been a lot of waves of emotions, a lot to process. Actually, it’s been a really hard time processing everything. I’m really hoping they can pull through because they mean a lot to me and I can’t imagine my life without them in it.

So you’re probably asking a lot of questions right now, like… what does this mean for my blog? what about the content I put out? am I leaving the book community? am I turning into a ghost? First, I’m not going anywhere and neither is the book content I’m putting out.

Taking everything that has happened into consideration, I’m just taking a step back from the amount of content I was creating and how often I’m posting. Saying I’m long-winded at this point would be a giant understatement. Right now, I need to rest and do things that make me happy. And yes, reading does make me happy, but I’m also a critical reader and I do really extensive reviews on the books I read. Over time, that can wear a person’s mental state down and right now, I’m rolling critical fails on my sanity checks.

So have I really become a ghost? The short answer, yes. I’ve very much so a ghost right now. In fact, if you listen closely… You hear that little whisping in the air? That’s the sound of my soul escaping my body right now.

It pains me to say this (I mean, it really pains me to say this), but expect maybe one or two posts a week. I’m giving myself the slack that I need right now. And I don’t regret because I need to put myself first right now. I’m hoping one day I can get back to doing 4-5 posts a week, but right now, that’s just not in the cards.

I know this was a super long post and I know it was a lot of heavy topics, but for those who stuck through it till the end… Thank you so, so much. Truly, thank you so much for sticking by me, for loving me, for loving the content I create. It means the world to me and I’m so grateful to have you here. Thank you! 💙



20 Questions to get to Know Me Better

The questions from this post were taken from a beautiful instagram template created by @jessbetweenlines.

Salutations friends and new friends! I hope you’re all staying safe, staying hydrated, and taking the time to pause to enjoy the little things. Today I wanted to do something a little different than my typical bookish posts. Recently, a lot of new readers have come to my little corner in the book community and I wanted to do something that allows you to get to know me better. Typically, I don’t share a lot about myself, my personal life, etc… and unless you pay close attention to some of my reviews, these type of posts are pretty rare. So, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into my life and a little peek into my thoughts. Okay, enjoy! 💛

🍂 Top Three Books of All Time 🍂

This is an insanely tough question. Mostly due to needing to reread a lot of the books that I love. So, I’m going to tweak this question a little to fit the top three books that mean the most to me thus far in all my reading, with one prediction added in the mix.

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

This book was such a wonderful read, but this book is so special because Stephen Graham Jones was the first author I ever interviewed. And that may seem a bit silly to have a book feel special in that sense, but for myself, it was one of my proudest moments. It was also a really big learning experience for me because I got to sit down with someone who’s wiser than I am and learn about an important thing they created. It was just an experience I’ll never forget and this book means a whole lot.

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco

This is another book that means so, so much. Wicked As You Wish was my first book blog tour. When I had first applied to the tour, so many had already applied and I wasn’t expecting to get pick, but I did. When I got the chance to talk with Rin and thank her for making me a part of her street team, she talked about how she liked to include big and small content creators. It touched a soft spot in my soul and it was something that impacted me so much that those words made this book even more special to me. Words have always been impactful for me, but Rin really hit the nail on the head.

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

I’ve talked about this book a few times on my blog, but I feel like I don’t talk about it enough. This is one of those books I wish I had in my childhood. I think it would have made so many things easier and made a difference in my life. However, I can’t recommend it enough because it addresses a topic that’s so important to touch on. This is just one of those book where there’s not enough words to describe how a book touched your soul.

Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger

And my prediction book. I have no doubt that this book is going to make me feel seen, finally read a book with an Apache main character who’s written by an Apache author. I just can’t express how high my expectations are for this book and how I have no doubt this book is going to make my heart feel so full.

🍂 Top Three Places I want to Travel to 🍂

I love traveling, but it’s a bit of an Achilles’ heel for me. There are so many places I would love to visit, things to experience in those places, but I get really sick when I travel. So I don’t travel too often or too far away. I think the furthest I’ve ever traveled has been to New Hampshire.

But there’s so many places I want to visit and it’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to really look at my travel bucket list. So, I’m just going to list the first three that come to my mind.

Japan – Just in general I would love to go to Japan. I love the culture, I really enjoy learning the history of Japan, and my childhood best friend has been trying (to convince me to get on a plane) for all twenty years of our friendship to fly back with him and his family to Japan when they need to maintain their residency.

Ireland – This is more so for my spouse because my spouse’s family has a deep Irish heritage. Unfortunately, they ended up missing traveling to Ireland with the rest of their family due to preparing for deployment, at the time. So, I’d really love to go with my spouse or as a whole family. I’ve only heard bits and pieces from various family members, but I really want to know more about their heritage and their family history.

Hawaiʻi – I think every one I know has been to Hawaiʻi at least once. I’ve had a lot of family members travel there for gatherings and such. However, my main reason for going there is for two main reasons. My first being a dear friend of mine is often out there studying the flora and fauna of the island, and she has been wanting me to come out, experience the beauty of the island as a whole, and to in a sense, wants to pick my brain. The second reason is a bit of a selfish desire and that’s to learn more of the culture, speak with and learn from true Natives of Hawaiʻi.

🍂 Dream Place to Live 🍂

New Hampshire Mountains, photo by myself

New Hampshire calls to me and all I want to do is build a house on the side of a mountain, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nature. Truly, that’s the dream.

🍂 A T.V. Show I’m Obsessed with 🍂

I don’t really watch a lot of t.v. or movies anymore. I used to watch a lot of Friends, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, a lot of anime shows, but if I ever watch t.v. shows, I’m doing reruns for these. Soo not a lot going on there.

However, I do watch Terrace House and a few other shows in Japanese with my childhood best friend. He and I will video call each other and watch the shows together when we both have the time. Sometimes his two brothers will join in and it’ll feel like we’re having our traditional misfit night.

So that’s about it for t.v. shows. I know, not much going on when it comes to t.v. shows.

🍂 Last Three Songs I Listened to 🍂

This is so hard because I listen to music all the time. Seriously, I have no chill when it comes to music. So these are the last three I remember listening to off the top of my head, but I don’t know if they were the last three songs I had listened to.

Champions of Red Wine by The New Pornographers

Halloween by Novo Amor

Wolves (Said the Sky Remix) by Selena Gomez & Marshmello

🍂 Three People I’d Love to have Dinner with, Dead or Alive 🍂

So I’ve thought about this a lot and I’m just going to list actual people because I want to branch away from some of the more bookish answers. Plus, I could make a list that goes on and on if I used bookish characters.

Robin Williams

Elizabeth Taylor

Roseanne Supernault

🍂 Favorite Movie of All Time 🍂

I have so many movies I love with my whole heart. So it’s hard to just think of one to choose. Now and days, it takes a lot for me to really love and enjoy a movie. I think the last film I ended up watching was Joker and absolutely fell in love with it, and the mental health representation in that film.

However, I think my absolute all time favorite is Clue. It holds a lot of memories I’m fond of and it’s a film I hold close to my heart because of the sentimental value I found in it. And just a lot of other personal reason on why this film just means a whole lot, why I watch it so often, and why it’s a film that’ll stay with me forever. Plus, Tim Curry stars in it and no one does it like Tim Curry does.

#clue from How to be like Dr. Frank N. Furter???

🍂 Favorite Board Game 🍂

This is another hard question! My spouse and I play a lot of board games and have two book cases filled with various games that we play, play with friends or family. It’s so hard to choose one because each game is so unique and different compared to the others. But I think my most favorite board game has to be Betrayal at House on the Hill. It such a good game, the board continuously changes, and it’s just a fun time especially for spooky season.

🍂 Ultimate Comfort Food 🍂

My one true food love! Nothing else can compared to gooey, cheesy, yummy goodness!

🍂 A Celebrity/Literary Crush of Mine 🍂

Oh jeez, I feel like this is taking skeletons out of the closet or something. Okay, I’m just going to drop this here and go hide.

Tumblr: Image

🍂 Favorite Season 🍂

🍂 Favorite Holiday 🍂

#green from sexy pinups, dark art, seasonal

🍂 My Signature Scent 🍂

Oh jeez, this question always makes me feel weird because I’ve always had the weird experience of people smelling me and telling me how nice I smell. So it’s a really awkward and odd question for me. I don’t know if I really have a signature scent though. However, there are some scents I frequently use in my day to day life.

I think the scent everyone finds around me is always vanilla or peppermint (anything mint in general). I have a lot of candles, sprays, air fresh sprays, even when I cook a lot of dessert or make homemade teas, I have a lot of vanilla and mint. Those are probably the most common scents you’ll smell when you’re around me.

However, not many people expect it, but I use a lot of evergreen or pine and lavender scents, as well. These are the scents I tend to break out for evening events, preparing for sleep, or basically any time I’m anxious. These are calming scents for me, while the first two scents make me wake up.

🍂 Describe You Ideal Day 🍂

That gif right there in my perfect day. I love fall days and rainy fall days, but there’s something about a snowy day that makes things wonderous and magical. It’s just something I really love and miss dearly.

🍂 Something I’m Proud of 🍂

This might be the hardest question of this whole thing. I know we’re supposed to look back on the things we’ve accomplished, but I’m having a hard time doing that. Maybe it’s from feeling like I haven’t accomplished many things this year or maybe it’s from looking at things as stepping stones instead of accomplishments.

If I really had to say, I think I would say the time I spent with the Social Distance Book Fest, interviewing Stephen Graham Jones, and I guess if I had to pick something that’s a work in-progress then I’d say finding my safety and voice again. These were all wonderful things that happened to me and if I take a step back, they kind of feel like accomplishments in their own way.

🍂 Five Things I Love About Myself 🍂

Okay, okay… I know I can’t dodge this question, though I wish I could. I find it a lot easier to find the good qualities in others than in myself. To quote Fruits Basket, “Maybe the reason you don’t see it is that it’s stuck to your back. What I mean is, a person’s admiral qualities – they’re just like, say, a pickled plum on a rice ball.” That’s kind of how this feels like. So I’m going to give this the ole’ college try!

➸ I think I’m a good person and care about people a lot – sometimes a little too much and sometimes I wish I could turn the dial down just a little bit.

➸ I’m good with animals. – A trait I’ve had every since I was a kid.

➸ I guess I should say I’m a good singer, but I haven’t sung competitively or with a tutor/choir in a long time.

That’s three! I got three! Okay, I’m going to run and hide now.

🍂 Some Blogs I Love 🍂

Oh I love this! I love spreading my love for other blogs and I hope you all check them out! Okay, I’m going to try and link a few and not turn this into a ‘boost every single blog I love’ kind of post.

➸ Emer @ A Little Haze Book Blog

➸ Destiny @ Howling Libraries

➸ Destiny @ My Honey Reads

➸ Kayla @ Books and Blends

➸ Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners

➸ Sofi @ A Book A Thought Blog

🍂 My Ten Most Used Emoji 🍂


🍂 Favorite Childhood Memory 🍂

Oh boy, this hit a certain kind of way. I’m just going to put horseback riding and reading because those two things have always been an escape for me. I’ve mentioned a few times, but my upbringing wasn’t the easiest or kindest. So, yeah. NEXT!

🍂 My Biggest Pet Peeve 🍂

If we’re talking bookish then it has to be borrowing someone’s books and returning them damaged.

If we’re talking in general then I’d say cutting someone off while they’re trying to talk especially if they’re someone who struggles with letting their voice be heard or even speaking, and they get cut off in mid sentence.

Whew! Those were a lot of questions, but I hope you all got to know me a little better. This is the type of post that’s out of my comfort zone and I just wanted to do something a little different for all the new readers in my little corner of this community. It means so much and I’m really happy to have you here. 💛