5-Star Reading Predictions 2022

Salutations Chapterlings! I wanted to make a different kind of post and share some of my 5 star reading predictions. I’ve never done one of these posts before. Actually, I make a lot of sticky note prediction lists, but I’ve never sat down and decided to share with you lovely beans some of those predictions. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which books I wanted to put on this list and I’m a little nervous, but I hope you’ll enjoy this list as much as I do making them!

Into the predictions we descend!

Honestly, I was debating on whether or not to put this on my list because I was already in the process of finishing this arc when I decided to make this list. However, if I was going to make this list then this book needed to be a part of this post because this book is part of my top 5 star predictions. So, since I technically already finished this arc, consider this a bonus book. I did end up rating this book 5 stars. If you want to check out my review, you can click HERE! As I said, I gave this 5 stars because this book was just everything. I loved it so much and I think there’s going to be many readers who end up loving this book just as much.

I feel like I’m a little late to the hype train on this book, but I’m glad I discovered this book when I did because I’m so excited to read The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea. I currently have this book slated for my May tbr. So you’ll be seeing this pop up real soon. This all besides the point. The point is that the synopsis of this book sounds absolutely fantastic and the cover is absolutely stunning. Plus, there’s been some hints that this has Spirit Away elements or inspiration while having mythology woven throughout. I’m not saying I’m making grabby hands or saying this book has it’s claws in me… but I’m also not saying that. I’m just ready and excited to experience this book with my whole soul.

Unraveling by Brandon Leake has been on my radar since the start of 2022. As a consumer of anything and everything poetry related, this has been high up on my list of arcs I’ve been hoping to obtain. And by the beautiful blessings that is Libro Fm, I was able to obtain an audio book alc. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I’m going to love this. I always say poetry comes to us when we need it and I always find poetry has an even stronger impact when you can hear that poetry being given a voice. I can’t wait to dive into the and have my heart ripped out and cry for hours over this poetry collection.

The Lost Dreamer was another one of those 2022 releases that really caught my attention. The synopsis of this book sounds absolutely incredible and I’m really excited to read this. Again, another alc from Libro Fm and giving me the privilege to listen to the audiobook. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m more excited for. The fact that there’s mythology woven throughout this entire book, the magic elements of this book, or the fact that this is a book being classified as a sci-fi book and I’m excited about it. I never get excited about sci-fi books and I’m freaking ready. I ready for this book to knock me out of the water!

I am ready! I am jumping, excited, pre-order ready to go! For the Throne is the next book in the Wilderwood duology and I’m really excited. The way the first book ended has left me on a reading hangover. I need more of these characters, I need answers, and I’m ready. I’m just ready to let this book rock me like a hurricane and leave me in an absolute reading mess. I don’t know what to expect going into this book and no, reading the synopsis is not an option. I want to be surprised. However, my hopes for this book is pretty high which is why this book found it’s way onto this list.

I heard there were demons! *brow waggles* Yes, okay, FINE! I admit I will instantly put a book on my 5 star prediction list if a book has demons or dragons within the pages of the book! But seriously, the synopsis of this book sounds amazing. When I was contacted to read an arc of this book, I was a little weary at first, but let me just quote the first two lines of this synopsis.

“Three weddings. Three funerals.”

Does that not make you want to pick this book up and find out what is going on?! Those two sentences instantly stole my breath away. And then I found out there were demons in this book and I got even more excited to read it. It just sounds freaking amazing and honestly, I really want to know more. You’ll be seeing this pop up again real soon because I’ll be reading this book in April for my April tbr. I have high hopes friends, extremely high hopes.

Whew, I was so nervous to share these 5 star predictions! I always feel like 5 star predictions can be so hit or miss or even feel private at times, but I am glad I shared this list. This is actually one of seven lists I have and thankfully I only decided to list six out of the seven lists I’ve compiled. I hope you all enjoyed this little list of 5 star predictions. I know it’s not a big list or anything of the sort, but I had a lot of fun making this and sharing a little bit of the things I’m thinking about behind the scenes. Until next time friends, stay safe, I love you! 💕

Do you have a 5 star prediction list? Are any of these books on your radar? Come chat about it in the comments below!


Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday | Books On My 2020 TBR I Predict Will Be 5-Star Reads

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

Salutations Chapterlings! I’m returning with another Top Ten Tuesday and wouldn’t ya know that it’s a TBR, but also a 5-star prediction list! I’m super excited to share this list with all of you because I get to talk about some 2020 releases I’m really looking forward to! However, this is going to be a much longer list than some of my other TBR lists. This Top Ten Tuesday I will have an ‘honorable mentions’ and ‘bonus books’ added because there are so many books that I believe with my whole heart and soul will be five star reads for me this year.

With all of this being said, a lot of these books may look familiar from previous posts and you’re right. Some of these books have been taken from my 5 Star Predictions | A 2019 Backlist TBR, Top Ten Tuesday | Most Anticipated Books for the First Half of 2020, and you can also find a lot of these books on my GoodReads anticipated 2020 releases shelf! I have so many amazing and wonderful books I’d love to read this year, but this list right here is a solid ‘yes, this is happening’. And of course, I hope some of these books find their way onto your TBR sometime this year because they’re all unique, have incredible synopses, and I wish more readers were talking about them! So without any further delays, here is my 2020 TBR and 5-Star Predictions! I hope you all enjoy my picks!

Honorable Mentions!

❄️ Soul of the Sword (Shadow of the Fox #2) by Julie Kagawa ❄️

June 25th, 2019 by Inkyard Press

❄️ Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper #4) by Kerri Maniscalco  ❄️

September 10th, 2019 by JIMMY Patterson

The Top Ten 2020 5-Star Predictions!

❄️ All the Stars and Teeth (All the Stars and Teeth #1) by Adalyn Grace ❄️

February 4th, 2020 by Imprint

❄️ Ruthless Gods (Something Dark and Holy #2) by Emily A. Duncan ❄️

April 7th, 2020 by Wednesday Books

❄️ Heartstopper: Volume Three (Heartstopper #3) by Alice Oseman ❄️

February 6th, 2020 by Hodder Children’s Books

❄️ Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas ❄️

June 9th, 2020 by Swoon Reads

❄️ House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City, #1) by Sarah J. Maas ❄️

March 3rd, 2020 by Bloomsbury Publishing

❄️ Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco ❄️

March 3rd, 2020 by Sourcebooks Fire

❄️ Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry ❄️

March 24th, 2020 by Algonquin Young Readers

❄️ Kingdom of the Wicked (Kingdom of the Wicked #1) by Kerri Maniscalco ❄️

September 15th, 2020 by JIMMY Patterson

❄️ Forest of Souls (Shamanborn #1) by Lori M. Lee ❄️

June 23rd, 2020 by Page Street Kids

❄️ I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch ❄️

May 26th, 2020 by Macmillan/Imprint

Bonus Books!

❄️ Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse ❄️

January 14th, 2020 by Rick Riordan Presents

❄️ The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis ❄️

March 9th, 2020 by Kaitlyn Davis Mosca

Okay, friends! Those are all the books I’m hoping to read to read this year that I think will be five stars! I know this list was super long, but I’m so excited for many of these books and they are at the very top of my list of books to read this year. So I truly can’t wait to have them all in my hands so I can read. If you really enjoyed this then please let me know in the comments below because I’m thinking about doing a part two to this article and I’d really love to hear the feedback. Until next time, I hope you have some amazing books on your TBR this month, I love you! 💙



5 Star Predictions | A 2019 Backlist TBR

Salutations readers! I’m here with something entirely different on my blog and I’m anxiously waiting for the start of the new year so I can finally start planning out when these books will appear. This is something I’ve been seeing all over the blogging verse as well as on BookTube and I guess I’m jumping on the bandwagon this time! I have an immensely vast backlist of a TBR and I’m really eager to start knocking some of these titles of the TBR list! Now don’t worry, I do plan on reading some 2020 releases because some of my most anticipated releases are coming out in 2020 and the excitement is real. However, my backlist is like a garden and I need to tend to it and soon.

Most of the books you’ll see below have actually appeared on past TBRs of 2019. Unfortunately, 2019 was a year of a lot of rough patches that hindered my reading and my health. So, many of these titles will be familiar, but this time these titles are going to get read! They will be scattered throughout 2020 and you may see them on a TBR or two, but otherwise these books will only be appearing here on this list! Also, fingers crossed that my predictions are correct. Some of these books I’ve heard a lot of mixed things through the grape-vine and it makes me a bit nervous on how this will turn out. Fingers crossed! Now, without any further delays, let me introduce you to the books I’m dying to read!

❄️ Soul of the Sword (Shadow of the Fox #2) by Julie Kagawa ❄️

June 25th, 2019 by Inkyard Press

❄️ Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper #4) by Kerri Maniscalco ❄️

September 10th, 2019 by JIMMY Patterson

❄️White Stag (Permafrost, #1) by Kara Barbieri ❄️

January 8th, 2019 by Wednesday Books

❄️ Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw ❄️

November 5th, 2019 by Simon Pulse

❄️ 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston ❄️

October 1st, 2019 by Disney-Hyperion

❄️ Get A Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1) by Talia Hibbert ❄️

November 5th, 2019 by Avon

❄️ Stormrise by Jilliam Boehme ❄️

September 24th, 2019 by Tor Teen

❄️The Storm Crow (The Storm Crow #1) by Kalyn Josephson ❄️

July 9th, 2019 by SourcebooksFire

❄️Well Met (Well Met, #1) by Jen DeLuca ❄️

September 3rd, 2019 by Berkley

❄️ The Last True Poets of the Sea by Julia Drake ❄️

October 1st, 2019 by Disney-Hyperion

Okay, Chapterlings! Those are all of my top priority books for 2020! Oh yes, there are quite a few more books that I haven’t shared on this list that I’m hoping, really hoping I’ll get to read in 2020. However, these are at the height of my focus and ones that I’m really craving right now to read. Anyway, please let me know in the comments below some of the backlist titles you’re hoping to read in 2020! Until next time, I hope the new year is good to you and brings many five star reads your way, I love you! 💙