An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 2 (An Incurable Case of Love #2) by Maki Enjoji


๐Ÿ’™ An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 1

Content/Trigger Warnings: Stalking, alcoholism

Nanase chose to become a nurse to chase after Dr. Tendo, but he’s not as he appears. Although very handsome on the outside, but he kisses her and calls it a medical treatment, he’s good at his job yet he’s incredibly strict. Despite it all, Nanase can’t stop herself from loving him or choosing him.

If you saw my review for the first volume in this series then you already know I have waited for this volume for far too long! I should have known by now that I breeze through manga, but I just couldn’t help myself. So I was left waiting until the 2020 release of the second volume in this series. And it didn’t disappoint! I flew through this volume just as quickly as the first and if you haven’t checked this series out by now, go check out my review for the first volume for a better idea of the series!

“I can’t tell him, but his smile is what attracted me to him five years ago.”

Like the first volume, I loved the tension and banter between Nanase and Dr. Tendo. I love it even more in this book because so much comes to light in this volume to their fellow coworkers. It was fantastic to watch everything begin to slowly uncoil and then there were so many moments that just leave you breathless or dying of laughter. One thing I really loved seeing between these two was Dr. Tendo becoming more reliant on Nanase because of falling ill with a high fever. In the first volume we saw Dr. Tendo take care of Nanase and make sure she was okay, but now the role is reversed in this volume. I really loved that and I loved that we got to see these characters be vulnerable with one another again.

I also really love how the importance of a smile gets emphasized throughout this entire series. In the first volume there’s an emphasis of Nanase just wanting to see Dr. Tendo smile again, but this volume really takes a smile to a deeper level that I truly appreciated. We get introduced to a new doctor and Nanase talks about how his smile makes her feel very uneasy, and how she doesn’t understand why she feels odd when he smiles compared to others when she’s had a positive reaction with them. I also love how she react when Dr. Tendo smiles for her and each reaction makes my heart flutter. Enjoji does an amazing job with showing the importance in a smile in this volume and I hope the author continues with showing the importance in future volumes.

Aside from the good, there were also some things that really bothered me that I felt needed to be addressed. For starters, there was a scene in this volume where Nanase and the new doctor were at his welcome party, and things took a turn for the cringey for me. The doctor kept pouring Nanase drink after drink and even after she told him she was trying to cut back on her drinking, he continued to pour drinks for her and her coworkers were even chanting for her to allow it, there was some cringey joke about how if she passed out or went unconscious that everyone in the room was a doctor, and after all of that it caused the main character to try to force herself to drink and made a quick excuse to leave immediately. It was a very cringey scene and you could feel the main character forcing herself to be there. It also felt a like it could have turned into a date rape situation really quickly. Needless to say, I was not a fan of this scene at all.

The other thing that really bothered me was the stalking element in this volume. Nanase doesn’t tell anyone except one person about her stalker. In my personal opinion, one should be more open especially with their friends, family, work place managers, and even neighbors if you have a stalker. That way you have a network of people who know the situation that’s happening and they can look out for you. What also bothered me was Nanase’s coworkers knew about the guy who has been stalking her and only told her about it until she mentioned something. A stalker is a threat to a person’s safety and well being, if someone is showing signs of being a stalker then the victim and management should be notified immediately. Not to mention, Dr. Tendo takes Nanse out in public and leaves her alone with the knowledge that she has a stalker. With all of this compiled together, I was immensely frustrated with the whole stalker/stalking element. It felt poorly executed and it felt like it was giving all the wrong signals especially as someone who has been stalked, this felt very triggering and frustrating to read about.

Overall, I gave this manga four stars because I truly do enjoy these characters and I love a good hate to love romance. If I had to pick between the first and second volume on which I liked more, I would probably have to say the first one. Mainly due to the first one causing less frustration than this volume. However, I really loved seeing Dr. Tendo being vulnerable and I loved that we got to see more emphasis and importance of the smile in this volume. Of course, I truly wish we had more scenes with Ryuko because she is a delight and she’s such a positive energy in this series! So if you’re looking for a manga series that has a slow burn, hate to love romance and love characters that will hook your attention from the beginning then you have to give this series a try!



An Incurable Case of Love Vol. 1 (An Incurable Case of Love #1) by Maki Enjoji


Content/Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault, talk of death, death of a patient, terminal illness, guilt, scene of attempted suicide, intoxication

After a lady collapses and a charming young doctor comes to the rescue five years ago, Nanase Sakura decides to train and become a nurse. But when they two finally reunite, working together as doctor and nurse, he’s nothing like the kind and charming prince she believed Kairi Tendo to be. Now they’re at each other’s throats and Sakura is determined to prove him wrong that she can be a helpful nurse!

Readers, I ate this manga up! It was so good, so captivating, and I need 2020 to be here now so I can get Volume Two! I also got a little soft and sappy because I do have family members and a few friends who are nurses. Not to mention the vibes of the whole romance in this manga is something I can’t get enough of in relationships. This was everything I needed to pull me out of a slump, everything I wanted with a romance, and I just love this series a whole lot!

“I wanted to see that smile again.”

In this story we follow Nanase Sakura who decided that she was going to become a nurse after meeting a handsome young doctor five years ago when she was trying to save a woman’s life. She ends up landing at the same hospital as the young doctor, but when she reunites with the doctor things don’t go quite as she imagined. He’s very harsh, majority of the nurses usually transfer from his department, and there’s rumors of him being loose with women. Now Nanase is in for a world of shock and has to work with Kairi Tendo who is anything, but easy-going on her.

I love the dynamic of our two main characters. So we have Nanase Sakura who has a very bright, sensitive, and easy-going personality that completely clashes with the personality of Dr. Kairi Tendo. Kairi Tendo on the other hand is abrasive, harsh, and takes everything very seriously. When you put these two personalities together it’s a recipe for a good hate to love trope to happen. Not to mention their work environment just becomes a tense battle ground of banter. It’s so good and there’s so much humor in the little moments. There’s also so really great moments when they aren’t bantering or being stubborn with one another. It’s a really great dynamic and the chemistry between these two characters is something I truly enjoyed reading.

We also get some really great side characters who make things really interesting. We get introduced to Nana which is Kairi’s sister. She’s a really bright, caring, positive energy of a character who delivers a great foundations for a friendship with Nanase. I really wish we had more scenes with her because I loved the scenes with her coming into the picture and I loved the way she introduced herself in this manga. Fingers crossed for more scenes with her! We also get introduced to a character by the name of Nishi. Compared to Dr. Tendo, Nishi is loved by all the nurses and patients, has a caring personality, and is really warm and welcoming. I have a feeling he’s going to play a bigger role in later issues because there’s just too many hints that he might be playing a bigger part than what we realize. There’s so many great characters and they truly help build the scene and the work environment for our two main characters.

Unfortunately, this book did have some issues that didn’t sit too well with me. However, out of all the little minor things in this book, my biggest issue was with the sexual assault situation. My biggest issue with this scene in particular is the fact that Nanase feels the need to convince herself that what’s happening is normal, that it’s okay, that this is all part of her job as a nurse and that she sees this as something she needs to overcome or get used to. I also don’t like the fact that Nanase went searching for help and guidance and she wasn’t met with any answers that she needed for her particular situation. Then there’s the matter of Dr. Tendo coming into the picture. I don’t like how once Dr. Tendo became involved the scene of sexual assault became set up as a “knight in shining armor to save the princess” type of situation. I understand why it was setup the way it was, but the whole scene in general just didn’t sit well with me, personally.

Overall, I really enjoyed this manga and still had a great time reading it even though there were some scenes that bothered me. This is one of my favorite tropes and I’m really excited for the next issues to come out. 2020 can’t get here soon enough! This is also one of my favorite authors. Maki Enjoji is also the author of the Happy Marriage?! series and that’s probably my standing favorite this author has written so far. So if you end up liking this manga series then you will probably enjoy some of her other work as well. She’s just a really great author and she has given me some of my favorite tropes. I highly recommend her books!