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December 2019 Book Haul

Salutations friends! We’re finally in the new year and I can finally show you all the wonderful book blessings I received during the holiday season! I know, I know… this post is a bit late, but I was waiting on one book to arrive book the mail system was backed up immensely. To be honest, I almost did make this post without that book, but it was a very special book sent by an amazing friend so I couldn’t bring myself to do it without it. Anyway, this list is going to be super short, sweet, and to the point. So I hope you all enjoy this December book haul!

❄️Book Subscriptions ❄️

❄️ The Wives by Terryn Fisher

❄️ The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow

❄️ The Guinevere Deception (Camelot Rising #1) by Kiersten White

❄️ Holiday Gifts From My Friends ❄️

❄️ Robin by Dave Itzkoff

❄️ Gifts From My Family ❄️

❄️ Beasts of Abigaile Vol. 1 (Beasts of Abigaile #1) by Spica Aoki

❄️ A Court of Thorns and Roses Collector’s Edition by Sarah J. Maas

❄️ Fables: The Deluxe Edition, Book Six by Bill Willingham

❄️ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone illustrated by J.K. Rowling

❄️ Physical Books From Publishers ❄️

❄️ Infinity Son (Infinity Cycle, #1) by Adam Silvera

Well, I did warn you it would be short! Okay, friends, that concludes this December book haul! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got this year during the holiday season. I’m very excited for all of these books especially Infinity Son by Adam Silvera, highly anticipated release of 2020! But please feel free to tell me in the comments below if any of these books made you excited or even chat about the books you received during the holiday season. Until next time, I hope the first few days of the new year are kind to you, I love you! 💙


Book Hauls

Book Outlet Haul

It feels like a super hot minute since I bought anything from BookOutlet! Well…actually…this haul should have been posted back in June, but the package didn’t officially arrive until the beginning of July. And I did just recently order another book from BookOutlet… So here we are…again! At this point I’m surprised no one has said, “Malli…you have an addiction and this is your intervention meeting.” Is anyone really surprised by my actions anymore, I don’t think so. Anyway, I have a few new books that I recently got from BookOutlet that I want to share with all of you. I did do an unboxing back at the beginning of July on my Instagram, but now we’re in the middle of July and it’s time that I share with all of you the books that have fallen into my lap. So without any further delays or ramblings, here are the books I recently hauled from BookOutlet and other places where you can locate these books!

🌻 Smoke (Burned #2) by Ellen Hopkins: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Broken Things by Lauren Oliver: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Magonia (Magonia, #1) by Maria Dahvana Headley: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

🌻 Born to be Wilde (The Wilds of Lindow Castle #3) by Eloisa James: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 The Ancient Magus Bride: The Golden Yarn (Light Novel #1) by Kore Yamazaki: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 The Hating Game by Sally Thorne: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

🌻 Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository
🌻 Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee: Amazon|Barnes&Noble|BookDepository

Okay, Chapterlings! That was a lot! To be honest, I could have gotten so much more, but that would be a massive haul! However, I hope some of these titles captured your attention like they did mine! I’m very excited to read some of these titles and I’m currently planning them all out. But please let me know in the comments below some of the titles BookOutlet has made you purchase or tell me which of these titles you’re most interested in reading! Until next time, may your month be filled with wonderful reads, I love you! ❤️


Book Hauls

First Ever Book Outlet Haul!

I can’t believe I have been so fortunate to finally have my first ever BookOutlet. After so many wonderful people talked about their hauls, the amazing discounts, and the wonderful persuasion by some amazing ladies, I finally went and made my first purchase! While this may not be a big deal to many, this was a HUGE deal for me. I have been burned in the past buying discounted books and I was really nervous to even place this order. But thankfully I had some amazing, encouraging, and loving people in my corner who convinced me otherwise. Now I get to share all the incredible books I got with all of you! So sit back, relax and let me show you everything I got!

Jackaby by William Ritter| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books| Book Depository
Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository

Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas (Barnes & Noble Exclusive)| Barnes&Noble

Moon Chosen by P. C. Cast| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository
Six of Crows Duology Box Set| Amazon|GoodReads|Barnes&Noble|Thrift Books|Book Depository

Okay, Chapterlings! That wraps it up for my first Book Outlet Haul! I’m very thankful and very privileged to be able to order from Book Outlet and that not everyone can order from their site. I’m so blessed that this opportunity even came to happen. I’m very thankful. And before I go, I want to shout-out the wonderful ladies who made this haul even possible. A big thank you to the amazing and wonderful Julith! She just started her blog too, so please go give her some love! But without her advertising for the exclusive Kingdom of Ash copies Book Outlet had available, I probably would have never even went to the site. And not only did she advertise for Kingdom of Ash, but she also advertised for the Six of Crows boxed set! And I couldn’t be more grateful because without seeing those advertisements by her, I would have never snagged one of the box sets! That brings me to my fellow Bookstababe and an amazing lady named Emily! A huge thank you to her because without her constantly boosting the Six of Crows duology, I probably would have never even considered snagging the box set in the first place. But she practically swears by this duology and I don’t know a more lovely human to put my faith in. That just leaves the most magical person I know left! A very special thank you to Melanie or meltotheany! She has talked about Blanca & Roja a few times, from how long I have been following her, and when I saw it on Book Outlet, it was an instant click. If it weren’t for her and her amazing reviews and her boosting books that she absolutely loves, I probably would have never snagged a copy of this book. These ladies are all wonderful and genuinely beautiful souls in the book community. I’m very thankful to be able to interact with them, have conversations with them, and just watch their incredible selves bloom and grow. Please check them out because each lady is so unique in their own way and just a blessing in the book community! That’s it! Thank you all so much to those who encouraged me to buy from Book Outlet and thank you all for reading this book haul! I hope your May is filled with wonderful and amazing books in your own haul! As always, I love you and I’ll see you next time! ❤️