Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe


Content/Trigger Warnings: Cheating/adultery, domestic abuse, toxic relationships/abusive relationships, sexual assault, rape, mental and emotional abuse, verbal abuse, manipulation, anxiety, forced marriage, scene of torture, trauma/PTSD, alcohol abuse, scene of drugging, and so much more!

“Even if by some miracle, she did consider me… The Underworld is no place for a Goddess like her.”

Readers, it’s high time I told you about my favorite webcomic…ever! I have been reading Lore Olympus for an extremely long time. I’m talking about before this webcomic made it onto Webtoons. I’m talking back when it first appeared on Tumblr. And I think it’s high time I talk about my love and passion for this webcomic again! I love and adore this webcomic with my whole soul, my whole being, and I can’t stop loving this series. It’s just a beautiful and captivating series.

If you haven’t heard of Lore Olympus by now, just know that you can read this webcomic for free here! It’s also getting produced into a television series and just know, that I’m eagerly anticipating more news on when this will be happening! The excitement and anticipation is real!

On a different note, this web series is a modern retelling of Greek mythology, more specifically the mythology around The Taking Persephone, which Persephone and Hades are the main focus of this graphic novel series. Along the way you will see many other gods, goddesses, and titans throughout mythology that get woven into the story along the way. For example, the story of Eros and Psyche is one of the many stories that get intertwined with the story of Persephone and Hades. It’s all beautifully woven together from flashbacks and memories to present time.

I really love how all the side gods and goddesses come into play with this graphic novel especially with the development of Hades and Persephone. They both have a wide variety of interactions with so many of the titans, the goddesses, and gods. We get to see how each one interacted with our two main characters of this web series. The best part is the interactions feel so humanized and the facial expressions really make them seem like every day mortals. I’m a big fan of facial expressions and seeing so much variety from curious to devastation really cemented how unique each and every character truly is with their experiences.

One of my most favorite aspects of this graphic novel series is the serious topics that it rises. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of content and trigger warnings for this web series and the way each topic is handled is with a lot of care, but accurate representation of what those situations can and are like. Even more so, Rachel has a way of using her color to really set the mood and put emphasis of the scene. Rachel also adds trigger and content warnings for her more heavy and serious issues. And you all know how I love and support authors who take the time to address that heavy content is coming! I just really appreciate the amount of time, effort, care, and emphasis Rachel used for this content. And I say this a lot, but I truly do wish authors took more time and care to address heavier content and trigger warnings for readers. This is just one of many things I love about this series!

Another thing I really love about this series is the artwork! I really loved and enjoyed watching Rachel develop and grow her color scheme as well as the manifestation between the lighter and darker tones. It has been a breathtaking experience and it’s one of those things that has really made me love this series on a deep level. The colors are so eye pleasing and just captivating. I’m attracted to the use of shades of a wide variety and Lore Olympus delivers on so many levels.

And if I still haven’t sold you on everything that goes on with this webcomic then let me say this, the story line and plot is just too good to ignore. I love mythology and I can openly say, anyone who isn’t overly familiar with Greek mythology will still be able to enjoy this series. I know a lot of readers stress about whether or not they need to have a strong knowledge of Greek mythology to be able to understand and enjoy this series and I truly believe anyone can read this webcomic. I have recommended this series to so many people, friends and family who aren’t even into mythology, and they enjoy it so much. Every Saturday and Sunday, I receive texts and messages from them saying, “It’s Lore Olympus Day!” And the conversations you can have with fellow readers of this comic just reaches above and beyond. Out of all the webcomics I read, I never run out of things to say about this series. This is one of very few webcomics that I still have on going conversations about and still have immense excitement about especially as it get’s closer to the drop of a new episode.

“Just like me. The same as me.”

Overall, I just really love this series with my whole heart and soul. This is one series that I feel deep within my soul and ache for every weekend. I’m obsessed with the stunning artwork and the tensity in the story line. If you’ve been sitting on whether or not you should start this graphic novel, then let this be the voice that convinces you to jump on board. These are characters you will fall in love with and Rachel is just an absolute lovely soul. I will support her and her work until the end of time because I love what she’s doing, I love the world she’s building, and the world seems a little brighter with Lore Olympus in it!



Spell on Wheels (Spell on Wheels #1-5) by Kate Leth & Megan Levens


Content/Trigger Warnings: Toxic relationships, talk of mental and emotional abuse, talk of cheating, scene of grief, sexism

When three witches have their home broken into and some valuable, ancient, magical items are stolen, these three witches are about to saddle up on a road trip along the East Coast. On this road trip they’ll retrieve their stolen belongings, fight for one another and strengthen their friendships, help others, and track down the thief before any damage can be done.

Readers, what isn’t more perfect during the fall and spooky season than a book filled with butt-kicking ladies who are also legacy witches?! It too perfect! Plus, add in a road trip element and I’m sold! This was such a great graphic novel to read this fall and I truly enjoyed so many wonderful elements this book offers. If you need a great comic packed with action, female friendships, and magical elements that pair well with some hot apple cider, then look no further!

πŸŽƒ Characters πŸŽƒ

πŸŽƒ Jolene NguyenAbilities: Technopathic and emotional manipulation

πŸŽƒClaire BettanyAbilities: Psychic intuition, visions, reading the cards

πŸŽƒ Andy HighsmithAbilities: Mastery in spells, charms, and potions

In this five-issue, graphic novel bind up we follow three twenty-something legacy witches, Claire, Andy, and Jolene, as they take a road trip to reclaim their stolen belongings and prevent utter chaos from happening. On their adventure they’ll encounter many obstacles and become closer than ever with one another. There will be magical happenings, side characters that will capture you attention, and moments that will have you falling in love with our main heroines.

And if all of that hasn’t sold you on this graphic novel yet then let’s talk about how diverse this book is! We have a diverse cast from our main characters to our side characters. There’s also a f/f relationship between two middle aged women who both come from different martial situations and it gave me so much life! There’s also a strong support and theme of positive female friendships and I can’t get over it, we need more of this in books! I challenge you to pick this book up and not finding something to love about all of this!

As always, whenever I pick up graphic novels that are a bind up of multiple issues, I like to do a spoiler free breakdown of each chapter in my review. This graphic novel is a bind up of all five issues of the Spell on Wheels series and so this calls for a break down! I will keep this as spoiler free as possible and will only try to give enough details to intrigue your interest.

πŸŽƒ Chapter OneWe’re introduced to our main characters and we also follow the perspective of the thief who broke into the home of our main characters. This also causes the start of our main heroines deciding to take a road trip to recover all of their stolen belongings.

πŸŽƒ Chapter Two – Our witches have set out on their road trip and have arrived at their first destination to recover the first object on their stolen belongings list. We get a glimpse at what Jolene’s powers can do. We also see a moment of Claire and Andy have a disagreement during a party. As well our heroines’ challenges of finding the orb.

πŸŽƒ Chapter Three – Our main characters are still trying to find the identity of the thief while making their way to their second destination to reclaim a planchette. We’re introduced to our queer couple in this chapter and the struggles they’ve been having with a ghost. Also, something dark and evil intentions become revealed.

πŸŽƒ Chapter Four – Onward to three third destination, our ladies meet Paul or otherwise known as The Goat Man! If you’re a fan of Beast before he turns back into a prince then this is going to be the chapter for you! We see Andy’s abilities come to life when she discovers some rare herbs the Goat Man has. We also get a lot of information regarding the thief and the challenges our main heroines were having.

πŸŽƒ Chapter Five – The final destination and the final obstacle for our witches. Claire will face down the thief that has caused her so much pain and grief, Andy will be thrown for a loop when the darkness finally reveals it’s true self, and Jolene will be the wall of support and unconditional love Clair and Andy need.

While I loved the majority of this book, there were two things that really prevented me from giving this graphic novel five stars and I think for many other readers it will be the same. My first issue is Claire. Out of all three main characters, Claire is probably my least favorite of the three. There were a lot of moments where I thought she was being reckless or over-reacted too much. There were two incidents that really did it for me where I just knew I was never going to to like her. The first incident was during the party where she came off as having a bad attitude the whole entire time and it almost felt like she instigated a fight with Andy. As much as I tried to give her a pass or chalk it up as “she’s not a drinker, so she’s probably not into party scenes,” that whole entire scene left a really bad taste in my mouth. The second incident was near the end when they finally caught up to the thief. Claire handles the whole entire situation with violence and high levels of aggression. I understand what the author was trying to do in this scene, but for my reading experience, it wasn’t executed very well and in the end it paint Claire in a really negative light for me. And my final issue with this graphic novel is the way it ended. This graphic novel ended in a way that it can make readers believe there are more to come in this series or there will be another volume. From the time I heard about this graphic novel to current time of writing this review, there have been no announcements of plans to continue the series or any plans in the future for more issues to come. I think the way this all wraps up and hints that there’s more to come is really going to impact the reading experience for how readers feel about this graphic novel.

Overall, this was a really fun book to read for the spooky season! So many witchy vibes and magical elements thrown into this graphic novel. Along with so many great elements that really set the mood! If you’re looking for a quick read to set the mood for the eerie, spooky goodness of October then this is a comic book you’re not going to want to miss!



Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu


Content/Trigger Warnings: Talk of abusive parent figures, captivity, grief, loss of loved ones in the past

“I always thought they were so sweet together.”

Dearest reader, I completely fell head over heels for Mooncakes! From the black cats to the witchy magic, to unconditional family love and found family love, to the struggles of becoming the person who you want to be and on your own time, to wise butt-kicking grannies, to the cutest F/NB relationship I have been waiting for, my heart is so full and I’m so in love with this graphic novel! My heart is so full!

When news of strange activity happening in the woods reaches Nova, she ends up following a white wolf into the forest. Not knowing what to expect, she certainly wasn’t expecting a demon horse to appear out of nowhere fighting her childhood best friend and crush. Teaming up together (and some witch-tastic grandmas), Tam and Nova will help one another, but find each other all over again. And soon, they’ll uncover the dark intentions lurking in their own town and real power of werewolf magic.

Aside from all the paranormal and magical goodness happening in this book, the characters will have you falling in love. Our first main character is Nova who’s Chinese-American who’s still coping with the death of her parents, while also living with her two grandmothers (they are seriously the cutest), and is also hearing impaired. And our second main character is Tam who’s also Chinese-American, is nonbinary and a werewolf who grew up with Nova, but recently left their family for mistreatment and for unkindness.

If you still haven’t fallen in love yet then let me add on with both of our main characters are young adults who are still learning and discovering things about themselves, both together and separately. Both Tam and Nova are dealing with hurt from their parents and even though they’re both two different kinds of hurt, they’re both supporting one another through their struggles and challenges with unconditional love. Unconditional love is one of the most powerful forces and it’s so beautiful to watch these two characters connect with one another is so many ways. It’s beautiful, powerful, and my heart is still melting and sobbing from how this graphic novel concludes.

Overall, I’m always here for a queer book with magical elements and paranormal activity, sprinkled with lots of family bonds and unconditional love. This was everything I wanted for the fall season and I’m so glad that I picked this book up! The representation was fantastic, the artwork is absolutely stunning, and magical/paranormal elements are so good. If you’re looking for some cute, full of meaning and underlying messages, and something quick to pull you out of a reading slump then you need to read this book before the fall season is over with!



Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins by Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, & Carey Pietsch


Content/Trigger Warnings: Death, violence, swearing

“It’s dangerous as hell out there. You three better cowboy up.”

Welcome to The Adventure Zone! Join Magnus the human fighter, Merle the dwarf cleric, and Taako on an adventure that they can barely handle and are poorly equipped for. Joined by the snarky and witty Dungeon Master, Griffn who will guide them and decide their fates. Prepare for an adventure that will leave you giggling and smirking, face-palming to know end, and tugging on every heart string you have!

I’ll be honest reader, my inner geeky nerd has been screeching at the top of her lungs since I picked up this graphic novel. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m a gamer, cosplayer, and LARPer so my excitement is at an all time high. And honestly, this comic was hilarious and everything I wanted and needed right now. These characters will have you laughing your pants off and choking on your soda. I’m so glad that I picked up a copy and I’m so glad I put it on my fall reading list!

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins follows three lovable characters who end up with the worst luck. Set on an adventure to get a job done for Merle’s cousin, Bogard, everything slowly starts going wrong. Bogard is missing, his business partner is missing, and there’s a big ambush! Soon our adventurers will find themselves at the mercy of their Dungeon Master and caught up in something that’s a lot bigger than they are.

πŸŽƒ The Characters πŸŽƒ

πŸŽƒ Griffin McElroyDugeon Master; podcasting, karaoke, weaving a rich tapestry of drama

πŸŽƒ Magnus BurnsidesHuman Fighter; battle, carpentry, everything else…apparently

πŸŽƒ TaakoElf Wizard; spell-casting, transmutation, gastronomy

πŸŽƒ Merle HighchurchDwarf Cleric; healing…supposedly, religion stuff, bleeding

This graphic novel was like going to your parents home and smelling all the smells you’ve missed. Drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Plus, taking the first dive into an untouched pool. The feeling of goosebumps rising on your skin. Okay, okay! I’m getting a bit carried away there, but you get what I’m trying to say. This is a graphic novel that’s filled with content that I’m no stranger to. While I am very late to the McElroy game, discovering this graphic novel and reading it has been such a wonderful experience. This makes me want to go listen to their podcasts which this graphic novel series is based off of. And if I’m being honest, this is the first time I’ve seen a D&D podcast or campaign turned in a graphic novel series and I’m over the moon with excitement for upcoming volumes!

This graphic novel was absolutely hilarious! There’s so much snarky banter and witty remarks, I loved every moment! You also get funny moments with the DM (Dungeon Master) and our three heroes. Not to mention that it blends well with some of the serious tones within the comic. And can I just take this moment to say how whimsical the art design is?! Carey Pietsch did an amazing job illustrating this graphic novel and bringing these characters to life. Each page is a work of art and some of the battle scenes are so captivating. Seriously, the blessing for this masterpiece!

Also, the story telling for this entire graphic novel was absolutely outstanding! I was fully aware how invested I had become in the characters and how the story would start developing. When I say these characters are so easy to love, I truly mean it. I found it was so easy to sink into the story and find myself rooting for our heroes. And of course, we have a cleric in this volume, so you know I was extra soft and bias for Merle, but my elf playing self was all in the background squeaking, “Taako, you got this!” Not to mention it was really easy to follow the story plot and everything made sense.

The only thing I think some readers might have trouble with is how often curse words are used in this graphic novel. While I don’t have a problem with this and it doesn’t really impact my reading experience too harshly, I know this is something that can bother or impact other readers. If you do decide to pick this graphic novel up, just be aware that there is a lot of use of curse words.

Overall, I really enjoyed this graphic novel! I think this series could be for a wide variety of readers and I think it’s going to be a great way to introduce D&D to so many people. A great way to allow others to branch out of their comfort zone. I, for one, am very excited to read the next volume in this series and I can’t wait to see what will happen next to our heroes. Will someone die an get resurrected? Will a mountain nearly fall on them? How will they level up next? So many questions and I’m so ready to find out! If you haven’t picked up this graphic novel yet, just do it! It’s whitty, hilarious, and there’s so many characters in this graphic novel you’ll fall in love with!



Fence Vol. 3 (Fence #3) by C.S. Pacat & Johanna the Mad


Other creators involved in the making of this comic bind-up include: Colors by Joana LaFuente, Lettering by Jim Campbell

🌻 Fence Vol. 1 β€“ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
🌻 Fence Vol. 2 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I believe in all of you. As a team, I believe we can win the state championships.”

Readers, this is probably my favorite volume thus far in the Fence series! This volume completely took me by storm and while I love the first two volumes, volume three is on a whole other level. From the diversities to the high tension, my breath was hitching this whole entire time. Everything this volume delivers is perfection and I’m so upset that it’s over already. I’m ready for that next volume, stat! I really want more because these characters are absolutely wonderful and the atmosphere is so easily to get caught up in. I could literally talk your ear off about how much I loved this volume. Okay, enough of me gushing and let’s talk details.

Related image

With volume one and two, we had many levels. Think of this series as a giant onion and we, as the reader, are slowly peeling back the layers to this series, these characters, and Fence as a whole. This volume was very emotional focused. The stakes are higher, some of the characters are right at the tip of losing everything, and we get some really intimate moments between characters and family members. We truly see so much diversity in this series and the moment the word family was dropped in this book, I was all over it! We even get more tension building between Nicholas and Seiji, which I almost died. But my favorite so far has been the truly intimate moment shared between Tanner and Kally. They are my OTP and I was living for their little moment. And we do get scenes with Bobby, but we really could have used more scenes with Bobby!

My truly favorite part about this volume was the various family dynamics. I’m a complete sucker for any book with diverse family dynamics. I come from various family dynamics and seeing so many family dynamics had me feeling some kind of soft and sappy. We don’t see a lot of diverse families in books and for a graphic novel to come out and throw so many into the mix, it’s a win for those of us who come from different family structures. If I had to pick one of the best moments in this book, the families all coming together under one roof and seeing all the fencers interact with their families would be at the top of my list.

As with every graphic novel that turns into a bind up, I like to do a spoiler free breakdown (to the best of my ability). I did this for the first and second volume and now I’m going to do it for this volume as well. If you haven’t read Fence Vol. 1 yet, then please go do so or at least read my review for the first volume. The next portion may contain spoilers, but I will do my best to keep it as spoiler free as I possibly can.

🌻 Chapter NineThis chapter kicks off with Nicholas vs. Kally. The stakes are high this time for both fencers. If either of them loses this match, they won’t make the team. Nicholas shows his speed and Kally shares the memories they had since they made it onto the fencing team. It’s a bitter-sweet kind of chapter. However, Seiji ends up finding himself watching Nicholas’s match. The ending of this chapter left me holding my breath and if it wasn’t a spoiler, I’d tell you what it is.

🌻 Chapter TenAll the families are introduced. They’ve all come to see their fencers and wish them luck at making the team. Even though it’s an emotional time for all the fencers, Nicholas and Seiji have unfinished business with one another. It all boils down to this match, Nicholas vs. Seiji, but when they come together something remarkable happens that no one except Coach has noticed before. This chapter is full of high tension and emotions, but the ending between Seiji and Nicholas is completely precious.

🌻 Chapter ElevenThe beginning of this chapter starts with Seiji and Nicholas in awkwardness. However, the tides soon get turned when Eugene’s family comes to stand with them. We begin to learn more about Eugene and why fencing is some important to him and his family. We also learn about how hard Eugene’s mother works so she can send Eugene to school to fence and I’m not going to lie, I got really soft and sappy at this. We also see Aiden vs. Jay in this chapter. This match is super important for Nicholas and Eugene because this is the match that will determine whether or not they make the fencing team. The stakes are high and there’s a sense of doom looming in the air. There’s also a lot of glimpses of Jay’s feelings and what happened between him and Aiden. The ending of this chapter ends on a bittersweet note with Seiji giving Eugene some tips and Nicholas walking out.

🌻 Chapter TwelveEverything boils down to this chapter. All of the fencers find out who will make the spots on the fencing team. Eugene and Nicholas are both up for the reservation spot, but neither of them wants to let on about how they’re really feeling. And after all of this time, Seiji finally calls Nicholas by his name! My two precious cinnamon rolls are making slow strides and I’m living for each moment! Also, Coach’s reactions are absolutely perfect for each circumstance that happens, she deserves more credit! Bobby and Dante make a brief appearance, it’s a bittersweet moment. And soon enough, Harvard is breaking everyone out of their classes and taking the fencing team on a little adventure. This whole chapter concludes with Aiden and Jay talking things out.

“But when they’re together – something extraordinary happens.”

Overall, I don’t want this series to end. I’m not ready for it to be over and I need the next volume right now! The complete wrap up of this graphic novel was just perfect and I can’t get enough of these characters. I’m eager to see Nicholas and Seiji’s relationship bloom and grow. I’m super excited just not excited about the waiting. If you haven’t picked this series up yet then please give it the chance it deserves. It’s such a good series and these characters will make you fall in love with them.



Sheets by Brenna Thummler


Content/Trigger Warnings: Talk of death, loss of a loved one, grief, depression, manipulation, bullying, depiction of abandonment

“Patience is the thread of healing.”

Marjorie Glatt is thirteen years old and has a lot going on. She’s the one keeping her family together and running the family laundry business, but it’s not only that. Her daily routine consists of dealing with unforgiving customers who want everything perfect, unbearable P.E. classes filled with backstabbing and bullying, and dealing with constant pestering of one Mr. Saubertuck who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
Wendall is a ghost… a ghost who was once a young boy who died far too soon. Not only that, he’s a ghost who doesn’t like living among his other ghosts. His daily routine consists of ineffective death therapy, a sheet-dependent identity, and a badgering need to seek life fulfillment and purpose in the forbidden realm of the living.
Our two main characters will collide as Marjorie’s world gets turned upside down and thrown into chaos. Wendall will uncover something dastardly brewing in the shadows. Together, they come together in a whirlwind of what should be the impossible and the struggles of just making it day to day.

Sheets follows two main characters named Marjorie Glatt, who has one too many struggles for a thirteen year old, and Wendall a ghost who is searching for purpose in the mortal world. Both of these character come together in a ball of chaos when on one night, Wendall slips into the Glatt laundry business and turns it into his own playground. Soon, Marjorie is trying to grasp at the life she’s been working so hard to keep from slipping through the cracks. And just when Marjorie is at her lowest, Wendall is the unlikeliest friend to rush in and save the day.

Friend, I have such mixed feelings, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this graphic novel pulls at my heart strings. My heart was a empathetic mess with this graphic novel and I’m still sorting out my feelings. But I guess the best way to try to sort that out is try to write a review on it. The good, the bad, and all the goopy moop of my feelings that still haven’t stopped aching since finishing this graphic novel. So let’s give this a go and take a trip down this road!

For starters, this isn’t going to be a light heart telling of a tale. There’s some serious underlying messages that this graphic novel sheds some light on. There’s a heavy presence of grief and depression in this graphic novel. We see how Marjorie’s father is struggling with the loss of his with and we also see glimpses of Marjorie who still remembers her mother vividly in flashbacks. There’s even a part that I would say almost borderlines trauma for Marjorie as it flashbacks to the accident of her mother’s death. In all honesty, I’m grateful to see a graphic not only show the grief and depression, but also showing what it means to keep going forward even when everything hurts on the inside. I think anyone who has lost a loved one and has had to carry on with moving forward even when it feels like everything is in shambles. I really appreciated the author diving into that especially since this book is a middle grade read and in my opinion, it addresses grief, death/loss, and depression all in a really great way. And near the end, there was a moment where you could truly feel Marjorie breathe again and finally have the comfort she deserved after everything.

I do want to add a little footnote here. It’s something that I have been debating since finishing this comic and even now I’m still unsure if I should mention it. However, I’m going to mention it anyway! So here goes! Ever book will have a hero and a villain. So we get introduced to a character named Mr. Saubertuck pretty early on and having to read about his character was probably the most frustrating thing, more specifically his actions. Reading this graphic novel, a lot of his actions felt like harassment directed to Marjorie. And with his character acting so business aggressive, I just didn’t find it sitting well with me that this kind of behavior was being directed towards a thirteen year old girl and it definitely felt like he was backing Marjorie into a corner. While I understand he’s supposed to be the “bad guy” in this story, it definitely felt like his character could have been taken in a different direction instead of the way it was taken.

And if you want to talk about art, oh gosh it’s so beautiful. The color pallet is soft and easy on the eyes, but I find that it was really ascetically pleasing to the eye. For me, it feel so familiar and nostalgic; almost like I was being swept away in old photographs or classic movies that had first been released in color. I think my biggest issues was the art style stirred more of my soul than the actual story-line of this book (but we’ll get into that in just a minute). The art work is so captivating especially when the author singles out flashbacks or story-tellings and I find it’s a shame because the art is so moving and it makes you feel a thousand things while the story doesn’t quite match up.

Out of all the things this graphic novel offers, my biggest issue was the pacing. Rating it four stars wasn’t an easy choice, but the pacing is the one thing that definitely prevented me from giving this book five stars. In the beginning, the pace is absolutely delightful. I found myself really enjoying the pacing and how the story was taking the time to get us familiar with Marjorie’s situation. Even Wendall’s parts were more steady and gave off a slow build. However, in this graphic novel you hit a certain point and then it was like someone flipped a switch. The pacing completely changes and it feels like the end was rushed into a wrap up. It definitely threw me off while I was reading because one minute things are a nice steady pace and the next it was like everything escalated in a matter of minutes. It was very hard to get past that change and I definitely feel like this novel could have used a couple more pages to just wrap things up.

Overall, I think this graphic novel is really cute and it addresses some powerful things. I just recently learned that there might possibly be a sequel called Delicates. I might end up picking that up this fall just to see if Wendall and Marjorie’s story continues on. And speaking of fall, this will definitely be a cute graphic novel to read during the fall or more specially during the month of October. You just get so many fall vibes while you read this book and the setting inside the book definitely feels like fall. This was a really cute read and I definitely think many fans of graphic novels and comics should give this one a try!

“I guess any place can be okay if you choose to enjoy it.”



Save Me (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life o) by BigHit Entertainment


Content/Trigger Warnings: Alcoholism, overdosing, suicide, trauma/PTSD depiction, violence, death, murder, abuse, depiction of depression, grief depiction, forced hospitalization/institutionalization, abandonment, loss of a loved one

“I could never save all of them on my own.”

Save Me (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 0) is a graphic work story that’s takes a dive into the BTS’s BU (Bangtan Universe), which is a universe where BTS was never formed, even though all of them went to the same school together and they all became really close and good friends with one another. Yet, our story begins where all seven members are split from one another and haven’t talked to one another in quite a long time. You can find and read this comic for free HERE!

On a quick side tangent, if you’ve never seen the music videos I NEED U, RUN, Epilogue: Young Forever, then I definitely recommend watching and listening to these before or after reading this comic. The contents of this comic will come to life before your eyes in all three of these videos. So make sure you watch them in order. And personally, I think these are the most important videos you can watch before diving into this comic. And even though I have listed a lot of the trigger and content warnings above, please keep in mind that this story is very dark, has some graphic content, and can impact you mental health. So please practice self care and make sure you’re in the right head space when reading this webcomic!

Jin is our main star of this webcomic because he has the ability to travel back in time and hoping he can change everyone’s fate, set things right. Jin loses touch with all of his friends after he travels to go study abroad. Now he’s back and he can’t help thinking about all his friends and what happened to them, but that’s not the only thing. Jin keeps having this strange dream that keeps haunting him, with all of his dear friends at the bottom of the ocean. Now, he’s waking up everyday on April 11th, trying his best to remember what’s been reoccurring and trying to find the best way to save all six of his friends from the tragic fates that await them.

🌻 Seokjin (석진)Wakes up, missing his six best friends and wondering how their lives have turned out, when he slowly finds out the terrible and tragic things that have been happening to all of them. He may have the power to go back in time, but he’s going to need all six of his friends to help keep one another safe.

🌻 Namjoon (남쀀)Works at a gas station, but is being detained for assaulting a driver.

🌻 Yoongi (윀기)Is trying to commit suicide after his mother died in a fire.

🌻 Hoseok (ν˜Έμ„)Abandoned by his his mother for a very long time now and is now hospitalized with a diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome.

🌻 Jimin (지민)Also living at the same hospital with Hoseok, feeling abandoned by his family, and suffering from very serious depression and suicidal thoughts.

🌻 Taehyung (νƒœν˜•)Is being jailed by the police after murdering his father, who was abusing him and his sister.

🌻 Jungkook (μ •κ΅­)Looks like he’s attempting suicide by walking into traffic.

Everything about this webcomic is absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking, and something I didn’t know I needed in my life until I had finished reading. If you want art work that flows beautifully together and captures the eye, then this is comic you’re not going to want to miss! Not to mention, this story was crafted so well and even though I’m not a big fan of the “Groundhogs Day” storyline, I was fully invested in the storyline and what all seven boys were going through. This has probably been one of the most captivating graphic comics I have read all year (and I’ve read a good chunk of graphic novels this year)!

And can I just take a moment to say that this comic will shatter you to pieces in the best way?! This is such a hard webcomic to read in one of the best possibly ways. ARMY loves BTS with their hearts and souls, that reading these dark themed, alternative timelines is so challenging. But BTS is so aware of the platform, the power, and how much of a difference they can truly make, I think they’re doing incredible work by shining light onto really hard topics and bringing some strong awareness.

I think this was such a hard comic to read, not only because of the hard topics, but I can’t imagine a world without BTS. I don’t want to know it and I don’t even want to think of it. BTS is just a bright beacon of light in a world that’s on fire. They bring so many people together and spreading so much positive energy all over the world. Thinking about the many generations that are just discovering BTS and the message they’re spreading, it’s a lifetime of happiness and love that can’t be measured. BTS is a blessing to the world and I’m forever grateful that I get to live in the time where I can experience it all, watch it bloom, and make a difference to so many lives.

And the true heart of this story? Friendship, unconditional love, and what it means to find that and what you’d be willing to do to preserve that. The answer? It’s anything. BTS has such an unconditional love for one another and they value their friendship more than anything and that always shines through in everything they do. I have no doubt that they wouldn’t move mountains for one another. To find a friendship and a love like this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal and doing anything for that love and friendship…it’s everything!

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a more breathtaking comic to come into my life. This webcomic means so, so much to me and has touched my heart in all the soft spots. I fell in love with BTS back in early spring, right after a bad car accident, and my co-worker had introduced them to me. I always loved K-Pop, but I have a special place in my heart for BTS and what they have done for me since their music came into my life. I’m so eternally grateful for the amazing content BTS (and BigHit) gives us, and this webcomic was just one of the many pieces that have touched a soft spot in my heart. This alternative universe story, it’s heart-wrenching and soul shattering, as it is. I will probably forever scream into the void my recommendation of this story especially to anyone who loves BTS or is a BTS fan. And as always, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be in the right head space while reading this story and to use caution because of the dark materials and all the content/trigger warnings.

“Each and every one of you makes me want to give it all up… And when I think I can’t possibly fall any lower, you pull me back on my feet.”