Favorite Non-Bookish Things 2022

At the end of every year, as a new blog tradition, I always try to write down at least ten things that have helped make a year better or perhaps helped make the year more tolerable. Basically, the things that allowed me to keep my sanity instead of descending into madness. Each year, these things can vary from things that brought me great joy to things that have brought me great comfort during the year. 2022 became a year of discovering that there was a lot of toxic things in my life and I spent the majority of 2022 cutting those things out completely. Also, I spent a lot of that time really making an effort to work through the scars that were left by a lot of those toxic things. Needless to say, by the time December hit, I have been exhausted, burned out, and I had to retreat into my gremlin cave quite a bit. So apologies in advance for just disappearing out of nowhere. I promise, we’ll sit down at a later time and catch up, a life update, but for now, enjoy these ten things that made a difference during 2022.

➸ 1. Squishmallows

I talk about mental health, chronic illness, and stuffed animals A LOT. All the time, actually. In 2022, I discovered Squishmallows and as someone who has sensory issues, severe anxiety, permanent PTSD, and more, these little plushies have been a big changer for me. They’ve helped make traveling by car a little easier, they’ve helped with talking and communicating with others during a flashback or helped with sleep during a night terror, etc… I know many people may not understand or maybe you do because you also like stuffed animals. They’ve really been making things so much better for me and I had to make sure they took the first spot on this list.

➸ 2. Weighted & Electric Heated Blanket

As I mentioned above, I have chronic illnesses, chronic pain and endometriosis to be exact, and I’m always looking for ways to help manage my levels of pain outside of medication. Enter my wedding anniversary present from my spouse. This has been a changer for my pain levels. While this doesn’t fully get rid of the pain, it makes things a little more tolerable when the pain is incredibly high. The weight of this blanket also helps with my sleeping as well. If you like weighted blankets or you use a weighted blanket to help with anxiety, sleeping pattens, or to help aid with night terrors then you might be interested in this blanket. I really love mine and it’s helped a lot. So I had to put it on this list.

➸ 3. Crystals

Crystals! Yes, crystals! In some of my book posts, you may have seen some crystals popping up. I have always been a lover and collector of crystals, but this year I’ve been rebuilding my collection due to having a lot of my pieces stolen from me. So I’ve been rebuilding and honestly, I forgot how much I loved searching for particular pieces, and then finally getting those pieces. While this has been a very emotional, soul quaking thing to do and work through, I’ve been enjoying my time searching, hunting, and finding. I’ve missed stepping foot in crystal shops and connecting with others who enjoy crystals. It’s been emotional, but I’ve been enjoying many parts of this process and it’s been a big part, since the summer of 2022.

➸ 4. Cozy Grove

As you may or may not know, I absolutely love gaming! I play a wide plethora of games from Dead By Daylight to Cyberpunk 2077, all the way to the cozier, more casual games like Cozy Grove! If you’re a lover of Animal Crossing or even Stardew Valley, I have to recommend this cozy, casual game. I have recently been reconnecting with my love of Cozy Grove and helping the bear spirits on this island. After the developers released the dlc, I have been playing as much as possible. It surprised me how much I missed this game, but it’s the perfect game for when my brain has very little brain power and I don’t have the mental capacity to read anything. I do want to emphasize that this game is a day based game. There’s only so much you’ll be able to do, like Animal Crossing. If you end up picking this game up or checking it out, definitely let me know your thoughts and which bear spirit is your favorite!

➸ 5. Coral Island

Another game! Coral Island has been another game that’s really nice to curl up with and decompress after a rough day. Coral Island has easily become one of my favorite games. It might even become one of my top ten favorite games. There is a wide plethora of things to do in this game, but the true highlight of this game is the diverse cast! There are so many diverse characters in this game like single, romanecable characters, body diversity, characters with scarring, a character with stretch marks, a plethora of characters of color, and so much more! This is one of the most diverse games, especially farming sim wise, I’ve seen be put into production. Now, this is an early access game which means the developers are still working on the game, still adding things, etc… So the game isn’t fully released yet, but if you’re a gamer, a farm simulator lover, or a casual game lover then you need to put Coral Island on your radar!

➸ 6. Waterloo Sparkling Water

I don’t know when I started going really hard for seltzer water, but this year was a huge year for seltzer water in my life. The funny thing is before 2022 I was never a seltzer water drinker or lover. Honestly, I drank kombucha more than I ever did seltzer water. Until I had a friend recommend it to me during a game night of Dead By Daylight. So when I found a case and gave it a chance, I was completely surprised how much I enjoyed it. That moment was a huge game changer and now it’s one of my go-to drinks for game nights, nights when I decompress and want something refreshing yet fizzy.

➸ 7. Hiking

Hiking has been taking over my life. In 2021 I picked up a lot of hiking gear and started hiking different trails and different places around my state. One of the places I end up hiking had actual ruins and waterfalls, and it was such a magical experience. Nature has always been a source of restoring my soul, finding balance within myself, and just always breathes new life into me. Truly, I’ve been trying to go on as many nature adventures as possible in 2022 even getting the chance to go to a beach for the first time in a long, long while! I’m hoping to carry this over into 2023 and continue going on nature adventures in the future.

➸ 8. Plants

Honestly, out of everything on this list, this one surprised me the most. Green became the color of 2022 as I began picking up plants any time I had to run to Home Depot. I’m not sure exactly when this started in 2022, but I’ve always had succulents or cacti in my home. 2022 just became a year where flowers and various types of plants started to brighten every table, every window sill, and even in the more low light areas, splash hues of green in them. Though we’re still house hunting and prepping our current home for market, it hasn’t stopped me from checking out all the plants in stores or stopping at local plant shops and greenhouses.

➸ 9. Rain Lofi

Rain lofi has been such a blessing with trying to focus during work, doing things at home, working on projects, and even reading. For all the reading I did this year, rain lofi was right by my side. Though I do feel like every time I make one of these lists, I’m just recommending the newest lofi video I’m listening to or watching while doing stuff. Truly, the lofi help. Just like asmr, the lofi music has been such a lovely way to help me stay productive in 2022. Even on my off days, rainy lofi helps me through it.

➸ 10. Fruit Snacks

Look… LOOK… Don’t question on why these are on this list, okay? 2022 was the year I thrived because of fruit snacks in my home and they have helped with making sure I’m taking care of myself. A lot of times having a pack or two reminds me of needing to make meals or they’re there for me when I need a snack break, to get that brain fuel going again. They also serve as a great snack for traveling, reading, working, and just for so many occasions. They’ve even helped on the hard days, the bad brain days, or the days when the chronic illnesses make things difficult. Now I keep two giant boxes of fruit snacks in my pantry and scatter them all throughout my home, and bags, just in case!

I feel like 2022 was a year that really highlighted the importance of self-care and taking better care of mental health. You know, I think that’s okay though. You’ll always have years that are ups and downs, and that smack you in the face with constant reminders. With 2022 now behind us, I’m truly hoping 2023 will be like a breath of fresh air for us. I want each and every one of us to prioritize self-care, self-love, boundaries & limits, and most importantly, the moments we’ll remember to infinity and beyond. And in case no one has told you, I’m proud of you for surviving another year (whatever that may have looked like)! I’m hoping with all my chest that 2023 is kinder, more gentle, filled with warmth and love, and plenty of rest for all of us. Let me know in the comments below some of the things that brought you joy or comfort in 2022, and I’ll catch you in the next post! 💚

➸ Favorite Non-Bookish Things: 2019|2020|2021



Life Update | Small Break, Returning May 9th-10th

Salutations Chapterlings! How are you all doing? Have you been hydrating and taking a break when you need it? I hope you’re doing okay! Today is going to be a very brief update. I know I’ve been gone for about three weeks now and believe me, that was never supposed to happen, but life had so many other plans. So, I hope to clear up where I’ve been, what’s happened to make me disappear for a hot minute, and why I’m taking a short break.

DISCLAIMER: CW/TW for loss of loved ones and myself being sick

To start this off, I ended up getting really sick. It started off as the flu and as fate would have it, blossomed into a really terrible ear infection and bronchitis. This was the thing that knocked me out for the first two weeks of everything. Usually I’m sick longer due to having a weak immune system and chronic illnesses, but from the very first sniffle, I was being hyper-active with pushing immune support supplements, taking vitamin c, drinking tea for some of the sore throat stuff that was happening, lysoling everything, etc… Despite all this, I still got knocked on my butt for two weeks.

Now for the more sadder news to happen. During the time of me being sick, we had three family members pass away in a short amount of time, almost back to back to one another. This has been really hard on everyone including my spouse and I. Due to all of this, we’re spending a lot of time traveling for services/funerals and I’ve been kind of radio silent on social media, but with friends as well. Though, I’ve been trying hard to reach out to those closest to me to let them know, “Hey I’m not ignoring you or anything, this is what’s going on.”

This leads me into the final part of this post. My short break and returning May 9th. As the time of this post going up, we’re in prep for traveling for funeral stuff. With that being said, I’m really hoping that by May 9th or May 10th I’ll have some post going up on the blog, hopefully my tbr for this month will be going up, and just in general kind of catching up on Instagram as well. Though, I’ll probably post some photos on my IG stories of what I’m reading or listening to in my travels. So keep your eyes open for that!

I think that covers everything for this small life update. I wish this was a more happier or even a longer post with both good and bad things, but sadly things just didn’t turn out like that. I’m really hoping things will start turning around soon. Until next time friends, hug your loved ones a little tighter and take care of yourselves! I’ll see you soon! 💛



Favorite Non-Bookish Things 2021

At the end of year, I always try to write down at least ten things that have helped make a year better or perhaps helped make the year more tolerable. These ten things can vary from things that brought me joy to things that have brought peace or tranquility when needed most. As I’ve mentioned a lot, 2021 was a rough year. It was a year that felt like a lot of my harmony and euphoria were stolen from me. However, I did manage to find comfort in a few things this year. 💖

1. Chillhop Music

2021 has been the year for calm, chilling music that I can just vibe to. And Chillhop came in clutch so many times over the past couple of months. It allowed me to refocus in times when I felt like I was getting off track with my schedule or when I just needed moments of tranquility. Chillhop made my down time more enjoyable, more peaceful, and was definitely a savior when I needed it.

2. Dead By Daylight

Look, I know I don’t talk about the gaming side of me that often, but oh, it’s there and it has been a safe harbor for all of 2021. Gaming has always been a place that I can fall back on when I need to find moments of joy, need to brain dump my thoughts out the window, or even, yes I’m going to say it, relax. Even though this game can be stressful at times, I truly enjoy it and this game has allowed me to zone out when I needed to do so the most.

3. Studio Ghibli

This feels like a given, but Studio Ghibli is something that has always brought me comfort and happiness. In times of being sick, battling mental health and chronic illness, Studio Ghibli has always been right there making things slightly better. So I guess, you could say this is a default go-to thing I do, but truly, it has made 2021 a bit better in the times when I needed it.

4. My Cat

Little apple of my eye, he has been a great joy to have. This small bean came to us at the beginning of 2020 and we got to spend two whole years watching him come to life since his rescue. He has made 2021 lighter and has taught me so many important lessons. Each day with him is such a blessing and I’m grateful we get to share out lives with such a unique soul!

5. Planning & Routines

If you couldn’t tell from the image on this article, I had to mention planning and routines. When I don’t have a solid plan or routine in place, things tend to fall into chaos… the bad kind of chaos. However, planning things out and making a routine has been a huge help. Although, the this month things have fallen into some discord, but I’m hoping to fix that with the coming year.

6. Going Outside

No photo description available.

If you haven’t seen my blog post Reflecting on 2021 & Goals for 2022, definitely check that out because if you missed it, you’ll learn that 2021 was a year of hard lessons for me. And in everything that happened in 2021, there were many times, many moments where I needed to escape or to just exist by myself. A lot of times I would throw myself into nature and go on hikes. I would also ask a friend if I could come over and ride her horses. Sometimes I’d just go outside to meditate. Just stepping out into nature breathes life back into you and heals you in ways that I can’t even begin to describe and maybe it takes reaching certain points for it to feel like a spiritual experience, but there were moments; moments in the silence and there’s nothing but the rustling of leaves – that the breath I had been holding for so long could finally be exhaled and I could just be.


Look… LOOK! I know, I know… some of you are going to go, “Malli, what the French Toast?! Are you okay??? You need a sleeping pill?” Yes, I’m okay. I’m doing better than I was, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention asmr to help with sleeping. If you’re like me, who has three chronic illnesses that flare up at random times and when stressed out they spend 4-5 hours trying to becoming sleepy all over again, then sometimes you break out the power moves. It’s asmr… asmr is my power move, my ace in the hole. I’m not going to list all the asmr channels I’ve hopped on or the ones I’ve fell in love with, but this video above (yeah, that one!) is one of my favorites thus far.

8. My Significant Other

I feel like this is the most obvious thing I could state on this post, but truly, truly I am absolutely BLESSED for my significant other. They have been in my corner like an ox (it’s a terrible reference, but I’ll explain!). In the times where I have been suffering, struggling, or feeling very lost, they refused to throw hands up and be like, “Okay, tell me when you want me here” or “If there’s nothing I can do then come get me when there is.” They have been an anchor throughout 2021 and they truly do deserve to be mentioned because they do so, so much. I’m very lucky to have them and truly, they are the moon to my sun.

9. Fruit

Friends, if you’re like me then you’re a snack gremlin. When you go grocery shopping, you already have your snack list planned out and you’re on the hunt. Fruit has been an insane go-to snack this year and it’s been helping me stay on track with some personal goals of mine. But seriously, fruit has been such a blessing this entire year. Nothing can beat some fresh picked apples, sliced, with some peanut butter! YUM!

10. Markiplier

*inhales* Listen… I have watched Markiplier for years now and anytime I need to laugh, I can always watch a Markiplier video to cheer me up. Ironically, Markiplier videos help me focus, insanely well actually, on anything I’m doing in that moment. I’m reading a book, watch me read three-five chapters in one sitting. I’m organizing things, catch my chaos flying everywhere into sorted piles. And I’ve kind of been going back and watching all of the scary game videos, and it’s been a wild ride thus far. It’s made this year a little more fun and entertaining. Just… just don’t ask how I ended up falling down this rabbit hole because I don’t even have a good explanation.

Oh boy, I feel like I just revealed the skeletons in my closet and I can’t stop cackling. 2021 really said, “Let’s kick ya while you’re down!” And maybe the full weight of 2021 hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m ready, so ready for 2022 to start. But I digress. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe some of it made you giggle or maybe you can relate. Do you have a non-bookish thing that made 2021 a better year? Tell me down in the comments below! In the meantime, I’m sending you all my love and well wishes as we slowly descend into 2022! 💚



Malli’s Holiday Gift Guide | Ten Things I’ve Loved in 2019 that weren’t Books!

Before I start this article, I wanted to give a huge shout out to Mel from Meltotheany for inspiring this article! Last year she made a 2018 Gift Guide that inspired me to make my own list for 2019! Mel is a wonderful and amazing person, she’s a beautiful soul in the book community, and if you haven’t checked out her blog or any of her social media then you should change that! So thank you so much to Mel for being an inspiration and the content you put out into the bookverse!

Salutations Chapterlings! I’m here with something non-book related! I know it’s a big shocker and to be honest, this article has been in the works since I started this blog and I’m really excited to finally be sharing this with you all! As the holidays draw nearer, you may be looking for last minute holiday gifts or if you’re like me who firmly believes in the “treat yoself” method then this list could potentially be a solution for that! And if you have any doubt, just know that I love my books with my whole heart and soul, but I’m a human being who loves a lot of non-bookish things too. So here’s what you can expect, this article will contain items that I have personally loved and enjoyed in 2019, and I recommend them with my whole heart! Now without any further delays, let’s jump into the items!

🎄Bones Coffee

Where are all my coffee drinkers at?! So I don’t usually talk about it, but I will for this brief moment. I do work at Barnes & Noble inside the cafe portion and I’m going to be honest, I get sick of our coffee every once in a while. It has reached a point where all the drinks taste the same whether hot or cold. Now here’s where Bones Coffee comes into play! They are my saving grace! When I need a break from all the other coffees in my life, Bones Coffee is there for me. They have a wide variety of coffee flavors such as Bluesberry, French Vanilla, they even have a flavor called Maple Bacon! There is something for everyone in their shop! My own spouse even found a coffee that tastes like Fruity Peebles! I’m so thankful that a company like Bones Coffee exists!

🎄Jemlin Creations

Okay, so I had to include something that was bookish because I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t head over heels for these bookmarks. Jemlin Creations brings to life so many beloved characters from t.v. shows to books! I have seen Game of Thrones all the way to characters from The Mortal Instruments series, there’s just so many fandoms that come to life through the incredible artwork. There’s even book sleeves with the gorgeous artwork to hold all of you books. Anyone and everyone can find something they will love and a fandom they adore. Plus, Jemlin Creations is a small business and I love to encourage others to buy from smaller businesses this holiday season!

🎄 Giant Inari Fox Meowchi Plush

I love these things! I use these giant cat plushies for so much! I use them for back support when reading in bed, I use them as a pillow, I will use it as a squishy desk to take notes, I use them as bed decor, etc… I literally use these for everything. I even use them for my anxiety and panic attacks as well as for having conversations with my spouse that revolve around my stressors. I’m a very hands kind of person meaning I talk with my hands, if I get too stressed or anxious I will start picking at the skin around my nails, or I’ll end up clenching my hands too tightly that my knuckles will start to bruise. So to get better with that I use these giant cat plushes to help with my communication when under extreme anxiety or stress. It has been a blessing in disguise and I made sure to buy one that serves as multi-purposeful such as ones like the Inari Fox, not only is it velvet soft but it also has bells on it’s tail. Since I’m very touch and sound oriented, this provides with something soft, but also provides a small sound that isn’t too loud or bothersome.

🎄Cafe Music BGM channel

Recently this year I’ve been struggling to really relax and focus on many things happening in my life. Severe stress and anxiety have been hitting in full force this year and while I normally use ASMR to calm myself, I acknowledge that not everyone likes ASMR or is soothed by ASMR. So I spent quite a bit of time digging around and bouncing around to find sounds and music that are still soothing, but also help take a lot of the nerve racking I felt. That’s where Cafe Music comes in. I’m so glad that I found their channel because I never saw jazz music as a way to unwind and relax before. The more I started listening to a lot of their videos, the more it helped me with focusing on that tasks I’ve needed to completed. So if you or someone you love needs a way to relax, unwind, or refocus then I recommend Cafe Music!

🎄3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart

Okay, apparently I’m not done talking about bookish things, but I would be lying if I didn’t say this hasn’t helped so much! I like to keep things organized and sometimes it’s really hard to find a place to put my TBR or visually put together books I really want to read. This cart has allowed me to stay organized and has really helped with putting a visual of books I really want to get to. I also use the bottom tier for my go-to props that you see in a lot of my Instagram photos. I find this cart super helpful and even if you don’t buy this for book purposes, any college student can use something like this in their dorm!

🎄BT21 RJ Bon Voyage Glitter Tumblr

I’m constantly on the go and constantly on a schedule that requires me to have a lot of caffeine and water in my body to be a functioning person. I have a lot of tumblrs, but since discovering BTS back in spring, I wanted to have a BTS tumblr to kind of make my day a little brighter and better. I also have the Koya one as well. I love both of them and there have been times where these have perked me right up. So if you need something fun, something practically, but you need something for a BTS fan then I can’t recommend this item enough with my whole heart and soul! ❤️

🎄Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea

While I do drink coffee, a lot of coffee, I also drink a lot of tea. Not many people would know that I drink a lot of tea because they only see me with coffee, all the time. However, if you were to open my pantry, you would see endless tea, but you would see multiple tins of the Harney & Sons Blueberry Green tea! I love this tea with my whole heart and soul! It’s my go-to when I want to just sit in the quiet for a few moments, it’s the one I usually get when I’m at work when I need to unwind, I even got my spouse hooked on this tea in particular. During the summer we made three full pitchers with some raw sugar added, some raw honey we got from local farmer’s market, and added some mint leaves into the pitchers. Stirred altogether, this was the perfect drink for the summer time! But I don’t just drink it during the summer, I’ve also been drinking it a lot in the fall and I’m even having a cup right now! I think this would be a great tea to introduce to those who not only love tea, but aren’t often tea drinkers. It’s a really nice blend and it’s not too overwhelming like some teas can be. I can’t get enough of it, my spouse loves it, and I can’t stop recommending it to friends and family.

🎄Marshmallow Snowflakes

In this house we drink hot coco with marshmallows in it! Or at least we did until we discovered snowflake marshmallow toppers! Would you be surprised if I told you I never knew marshmallow toppers were a thing until a huge box was delivered to my department at work? Well that’s exactly what happened. I never knew these were a thing until that one fateful day at my work. Once that happened, it was a game changer for my hot coco. Before we only used mini marshmallows, but when we used up all our minis for a rice krispies recipe, well we needed a solution that didn’t involve cool whip. So I brought a couple of marshmallow toppers home and now we use them, a lot. If you need something fun, but also yummy then I definitely recommend giving these a try!

🎄 Monster Prom

If you’re like me, who’s surrounded by gamers and is a gamer myself, then Monster Prom is the game for you and everyone else! I have been playing Monster Prom nonstop! I have given this game to so many people as a gift, I have roped my spouse into playing this game, and I even became a backer for all the upcoming content that’s coming to this virtual world! Monster Prom isn’t like other dating sims, it’s so much more than that. There’s secret endings and story lines, there’s so much funny content, and when it comes to choosing the character you want to play as they have a non-binary options (this is literally the first time I have ever seen this in a dating sim). This game is literally open and welcoming for all to play and I just love this game whole lot. This is a game of bizarre nonsense, but you’ll still have fun no matter what!

🎄Ferrero Raffaello Almond Coconut Candy

Recently this year I discovered these amazing chocolates and I fell madly in love with! Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorite chocolate brands and I always try to share them whenever I get some. Back in February, however, I got a mix of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and these specific candies were in the mix. Since then I have been obsessed and I pick up a box whenever I go to the store. I love coconut and I love all types of nuts, so this was the perfect treat. I highly recommend these chocolates especially if you never knew these existed like me, but if you’re allergic to coconut or almonds/hazel nuts then I strongly suggest staying away from these as it could lead to a potential allergic reaction.

Okay, friends! Those are all my favorite items that have been making 2019 more magical and more of a easy going year. I hope you all enjoyed this list and I hope it has made your last minute holiday shopping a bit easier. Please feel free to let me know down below some of the things you’ve been enjoying in the year of 2019! And as the holidays approach more rapidly, please be safe and have a wonderful time! Until next time, may the end of December bring you many blessings, I love you! 💙