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Early May 2020 TBR | Asian Readathon

The Asian Readathon is a month long readathon, for the month of May to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, made by Cindy @readwithcindy. It is a readathon where the participants read Asian books. The challenges are simple and it is a fun way to get to know about the Asian culture. The 2020 Announcement Video is available on their channel!

This year’s challenges are as followed:

🏮 Read any book by an Asian author.

🏮 Read a book featuring an Asian character or written by an Asian author who you can relate to. Ex: If you’re an immigrant you can read about an immigrant character; if you’re a woman you can read a book by another woman; etc.

🏮 Read a book featuring an Asian character or written by an Asian author who is different from you. Ex: If you’re straight you can read about a queer character; if you’re Japanese you can read a book by a Vietnamese author; etc.

🏮 Read a book recommended by an Asian. Ex: Watch an Asian booktuber’s recommendations video; ask your Asian friend what book best represents them; have an Asian friend choose between 2 books on your TBR; etc.

🏮 OPTIONAL: Read “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng and participate in the Little Fires Readalong and the Little Fires Watchalong

If you still need more information, then click HERE!

You can also follow the Twitter account HERE!

Salutations Chapterlings! This is going to be one long post! So you better buckle up and prepare for a wild ride of a time! I have been planning, plotting, and hoarding books for the month of May. If you think I’m kidding, well you’ll just have to wait to see my list. Before we get to that list, let me recommend a few books that I enjoyed that are perfect for the Asian Readathon. I also want to recommend that you try to support small book stores and authors as much as possible during these hard times. It’s so important that we all support one another and I’m a firm believer of supporting small businesses. Each of the titles will be linked to IndieBound and I also want to recommend checking out Scribd because they are having a 30 day free trial happening. Not going to lie, I’ve been using the daylights out of it and I can’t recommend it enough! Now, onto the recommendations!

🏮My Recommendations🏮

🏮Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee🏮

Dragon Pearl Review

🏮Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco🏮

Wicked As You Wish Review

🏮Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa🏮

Shadow of the Fox Review

Shadow of the Fox Playlist

🏮Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali🏮

Love from A to Z Review

🏮Stargazing by Jen Wang🏮

Stargazing Review

🏮My Brother’s Husband, Volume 1 by Gengoroh Tagame🏮

My Brother’s Husband Review

🏮My TBR🏮

🏮Soul of the Sword (Shadow of the Fox #2) by Julie Kagawa🏮

🏮 Written by an Asian author.

🏮 Features an Asian character who is different from me.

🏮 Recommended to me by SO MANY people!

🏮Night of the Dragon (Shadow of the Fox #3) by Julie Kagawa🏮

🏮 Written by an Asian author (I really love this author, if you couldn’t tell).

🏮 Features an Asian character who is different from me.

🏮Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love by Elsie Chapman & Caroline Tung Richmond🏮

🏮 Literally fits all the challenges!

🏮Luna and the Moon Rabbit by Camillie Whitcher🏮

🏮 Written by an Asian author!

🏮 Features an Asian character different from me!

🏮The Never Tilting World (The Never Tilting World #1) by Rin Chupeco🏮

🏮 Fits every single challenge!

🏮 Recommended by Meltotheany!

🏮Wicked Fox (Gumiho #1) by Kat Cho🏮

🏮 Written by an Asian author.

🏮 Asian character that’s different from me.

🏮 Recommended by SO DAMN MANY friends!

🏮Loveboat, Taipei (Loveboat, Taipei #1) by Abigail Hing Wen🏮

🏮 All I have to say is…ALL CHALLENGES!

Okay, okay! I’ll stop for now, but I think you can see that not only do I have a lot of books I want to read for this readathon, but I also have so many recommendations! This isn’t even scratching the surface of it all! I have a huge stack of books to choose from! Nonetheless, I am super excited for May to hurry up and get here so I can start reading all of these books. In the meantime, let me know in the comments below if you’re participating and what books you plan to read, or come tell me if you read any of the books I have listed above. Until next time, here’s to another month of good reading ahead, I love you! 💕


Monthly TBR

Backlist Readathon TBR

Salutations fellow readers! We are in a new month with a brand new theme and it’s that time, once more! I am at it once again where I’m probably biting off more than I can chew by adding a readthon to my March reading plans. However, I think I’m better prepared for it this time by only having three books on my TBR for this readathon. Of course, the real question is can I read all three books within a week or did I, once again, set myself up for doom? Who knows! We’re jumping on this wild ride anyway!

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about this readathon, The Backlist Readathon is being hosted by all the ladies listed below (so make sure you check out their videos and give them some love). This readathon will take place during the second week of March, March 9th to March 15th. So you’ll have a full week to cram as much reading as you can or as much light reading as you can! Whatever books you decide on, it’s sure to be a fun time for everyone participating.

🌸 Zoee at zoeereads

🌸 Gabby at gabbyreads

🌸 Jacqueline from We Be Book’N

🌸 Chandler from chandler ainsley

🌸 Melanie at Meltotheany

🌸 Emily from alittlewriterem

🌸 This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

Challenges: 🌸Most excited for | 🌸Blue on the cover | 🌸Recommended by someone: Julie at Pages and Pens

🌸 Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Challenges: 🌸Shortest backlist titles | 🌸Most excited for | 🌸Blue on the cover | 🌸Recommended by someone: Chelsea from chelseadolling reads

🌸 Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Challenges: 🌸Intimidates the most | 🌸Recommended by someone: Mel at Meltotheany | 🌸Diverse | 🌸Shortest backlist title

Okay, Chapterlings! That covers the books I’m hoping to read. As you can see, each book covers a wide variety of the challenges. So hopefully I can at least read two of them, fingers crossed! But let me know down below if you’re participating and what books you may be trying to read. Until next time, let’s tackle these challenges together, I love you! 💕



Contemporary-A-Thon 2019 TBR | Round Five

Salutations Chapterlings! I’m super excited to be posting this article because this will be my very first time participating in… THE CONTEMPORARY-A-THON!!! This is round five and I’m overcome by many feelings and nerves, but I’m super excited to be participating this year. Honestly, I have been wanting to do this readathon for so long, but my only fear was not reading enough contemporary to really participate. Turns out, I actually read contemporary fairly often and I had enough books to actually start joining in a lot sooner than I thought I could. So here we are! I’m eager, but nervous to jump in all the fun and fall down a reading rabbit hole for a whole week with all of you! To be honest, I had an incredibly hard time picking books for the challenges. This wasn’t due to the challenges being hard, but more so of too many options and not knowing what to choose. Not only choosing books, but the biggest question of all… “CAN YOU READ THESE IN ONE WEEK?!” Well… I think we all know by now that I’m overly ambitious and like setting myself up for failure. So let’s so this!

This round will be running from September 23rd – September 29th.
Liveshow: Saturday 28th 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST on Chelsea’s channel

🌻 The Hosts

🌻 Chelsea from chelseadolling reads

🌻 Julie from Pages and Pens

🌻 Natasha from myreadingisodd

🌻 Melanie from meltotheany

🌻 The Challenges

🌻 1.) Read a 2019 release

🌻 2.) Read a contemporary with yellow on the cover

🌻 3.) Read a diverse contemporary (aim to read something outside of your own experience!)

🌻 4.) Read a contemporary with an illustrated cover

🌻 5.) Read a dark / hard-hitting contemporary

🌻 6.) Read a contemporary with plants on the cover

🌻 7.) A contemporary beloved by a member of the book community (shout out the creator, if you want!)

🌻 Tip: Double up and make as many of them work for as many books as you want!

🌻 My TBR

🌻 The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

🌻 The Beauty That Remains by Ashley Woodfolk

🌻 Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

🌻 Song For A Whale by Lynne Kelly

🌻 Side TBR

🌻 The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

🌻 Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

🌻 The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

Okay, everyone! I think those are all the books I have picked out! And yes, I definitely thought it was necessary to create a side TBR especially since two of these books are quite short. Plus, a part of me is dying for any reason to reread Crenshaw this year and get sappy about it all over again. But anyway, please let me know down in the comments below if you’re participating this year and what books you’re going to try to read. Until next time, may the reading force be with you, I love you! ❤️



The Reading Rush | 2019 TBR

Hello Chapterlings! It’s that time again where I set myself and add on a readathon to my already jam packed schedule! Once again, The Reading Rush is upon us all. Previously known as the Booktubeathon, The Reading Rush is a week-long readathon in July, where the whole community comes together and reads! There will be challenges, sprints, Bookstagram prompts, you name it, The Reading Rush probably has it! This is my very first year participating in this readathon! I know, I know – I said July was going to be my easy going month, a relaxing month, a time to recover type of month. Well… I lied, apparently, because this readathon has badges you can earn and my achievement hoarding self needs those badges! Gotta catch em’ all! But in all seriousness, I really wanted to put myself out there more and take part in something new, exciting, fresh! The readathon is taking place from July 22nd to July 28th!

This year, Ariel and Raeleen, our lovely hosts really upped their game and there’s now a shiny new website where you can join many other readers and chat with them before, during, and after the readathon! If you want, feel free to add me HERE! Reading is much more fun when we read together and with friends! Once again though, those badges… I freaking LOVE badges and earning achievements! It might just be the Slythrin in me, but the hype is real and I’m ready… with an over flowing TBR that has me going “how did this happen and how did I get here?!” Aside from me setting myself up for doom, make sure to check out this site these wonderful beings put together, add me as a friend if you’re participating and if you would like. And not without any further delay, let’s get into the TBR and the challenges!

🌻 1.) Read a book with purple on the cover

I know, I know… you’re probably looking at these three books and saying “Malli, why would you do this to yourself?” Well…I’m already reading Black Iris and I’m hoping that give me the motivation to finish it (audio books just aren’t my style of reading). So in case that back fires, I have a reread of Moonstruck Vol. One and Tiger’s Promise (a novella) planned for backups!

🌻 2.) Read a book in the same spot the entire time

A super cute, fun, quirky little graphic novel to fly through because I put more on this TBR than I anticipated doing. Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too may be a bit thick, but I devour graphic novels in an hour or less.

🌻 3.) Read a book you meant to read last year

Both, Boys Over Flowers Vol. 10 and Snowbound with the Boss were on my December 2018 TBR – those never happened and here we are! Both are short reads so I have no doubt in my mind that I won’t be able to fly through one, if not both.

🌻 4.) Read an author’s first book

If my research serves me right, Starfish is the first book Akemi Dawn Bowman has written. There is a chance I might be wrong, but I really hope I’m not because I’m dying to read this book! I love those emotional reads! This book could also work for the first challenge…if I didn’t already have three books for that part already.

🌻 5.) Read a book with a non-human main character

I’m pretty sure I’m stretching it with Hot and Badgered due to the fact that they’re honey badger shape-shifters. So, in case that’s stretching it a bit too much, I brought in Warriors: Tales from the Clans. I mean… Is anyone truly surprised that added a book by Erin Hunter on here?!

🌻 6.) Pick a book that has five or more words in the title

Two books that couldn’t be more different! Things We Lost in the Fire is a book filled with heart twisting, gut wrenching things, and I am here for it! On the opposite hand, P.S. I Still Love You is light, fluffy, and of course, romantic! I’m basically flipping a coin because I could choose between the two of these!

🌻 7.) Read and watch a book to movie adaptation

If you don’t know about Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda then where have you been! This is one of my favorite movies, ever! And yes, I have seen the movie before reading the book! Actually, I’ve seen it fifteen times already! Can’t stop, won’t stop! But I figured this is the best time to read the book especially since this is one of my favorite movies to keep re-watching!

Okay, friends! I think that about covers every challenge! I did forget to mention that there is a bonus challenge of read seven books. So you already know what my goals are! Earn those badges, Gotta Catch em’ All! Please let me know in the comments below if you’re participating and I would love to know your TBR! Until next time, I hope your reading game is on point, I love you! ❤️